Private banks seeking to enter global markets

confirmed Association of Iraqi private banks that opportunity for banks civil to enter deeply into the global financial markets, especially after the recent decisions issued by the Central Bank for the development of the banking sector, it is obliged to develop itself and to use the banking systems advanced.

authoritative source in the Association said “morning” The global banking sector is witnessing developments equal in the use of technology, which appear with banking products adapted to these systems at a time when Iraqi private banks and access to such activities and the use of this technology and

said: that private banks are invited to the need to adopt such techniques, and the Association is ready to implement training programs developed for employees in the banking sector have been prepared extensive training programs for this purpose during the year 2013 and witnessing Association now organize one of these courses. was the source had said in an earlier statement the “morning” that the private banking sector began growing and increasingly through increased capital banks and the volume of deposits which, with indicators that were issued to assess the activity of private banks over the past year confirmed the presence of clear progress in the work of Iraqi banks own through credit and financial centers to increase their capital and deposits.

noted that the banking sector in Iraq includes forty-three banks distributed according to the property (7) government and banks (30) waged, including banks (7) Islamic banks, in addition to (6) foreign banks