Change the course of governance and Maliki implementation of the Convention on Arbil

Shi’ite source “long”: a green light from the reference to change the course of governance and Maliki implementation of the Convention on Arbil

01/18/2013 (23:00 pm)

Baghdad / term

Senior Shi’ite source confirmed yesterday that the supreme religious authority in Najaf had given the green light to change the approach to governance in the country, stressing that it means a change of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki himself if he refuses to comply with this initiative.
The source explained that al-Maliki now demands for a pledge not to nomination for a third term, and to apply the Convention on Arbil in its entirety, and to stop manipulation of the judiciary. He disclosed that delegates to Prime Minister foremost authority, Hussain al-Shahristani and Halim al-Zuhairi, returned from Najaf “panic” which reference Samaah, and that al-Maliki was taken to the hospital after that.
The source pointed to a warning that any reference internal war could break out will lead to division of the Iraqi army, which feared his officers not to get involved with the commander in chief. He noted that Iran from its side feel outraged toward al-Maliki because he يورطها open a new front burdened. The source believed that religious authority strongly supports the dialogue expressed by the wise Shiites with Sunnis and Kurds out by the radical to the country’s crises. And following the arrest of protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi mid-December last year, a series of demonstrations erupted later became the ongoing protests in Anbar and Mosul and Salahuddin to demand the release of detainees and the abolition of the laws of accountability, justice and Article 4 terrorism or freeze.
The high-level sources in the National Alliance revealed “long”, earlier, for the religious authority confirmed the envoys of Prime Minister al-Shahristani and Zuhairi that dissolve parliament is a red line, and that any political explanation of Article 64 of the Constitution is rejected by the foundation, which would take him exposing integrity of the country and the political process at risk.
And reference expressed dissatisfaction with the phenomenon of monopoly State Administration, and that it is necessary to take the National Alliance, not any person or individual address vital issues and files crisis, and crossed reference dissatisfaction about being political escalation on more than one level and tensing the atmosphere and objectives to others through stirring crises, and open files outside the constitutional framework which brings the country to a slider dire consequences.
In this context the source said Shiite High “long” yesterday “after the green light given by reference, we have 3 scenarios: the first to resign Maliki ordered the alliance, and the second to pledge not to run for a third term and is at the same time applying the Erbil entirety, and open the door to interrogate all corrupt, and stop control the judiciary, and the third scenario that provokes fighting internally multiplying the demonstrations and sit-ins and disable the constitution and the parliament. ”
And saw senior Shiite source, who asked not to be named, said that “the second option will facilitate the repositioning of the year and raise the injustice them as requested by the reference Najaf,” Carter said, “now required change the approach of the ruling al-Maliki.”
The source revealed new details about a meeting of the government delegation with representatives of the religious authority, which was last weekend, and said, “Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, an adviser to Prime Minister Abdel Halim Zuhairi returned to Baghdad in panic and quoting words of reference included the harshest words he hears Maliki, who malaise health in JAL and transfer to hospital after that. ”
The source also said that “Washington and Tehran Gailltan Maliki’s behavior and its uniqueness in power”, adding that “Iran considers that Maliki on Iraq to an extra load on the burden heavy responsibilities and conflicts, which extends from the Mediterranean coast to Central Africa.” The source pointed out that “Tehran will not dare to intervene to help Iraqi Shiites militarily if Saddam won an internal, because Washington helped in the formation of Sunni militias such as the army free able to intervene to help the Sunnis and fight fierce fighting with the Iraqi army,” recalling that “Iran can not sell more than 30% of its oil this year and thus will not be able to defend al-Maliki. ”
The source said that “any civil war will break out in Iraq will lead to the division of the army because his officers and its ranks are afraid to get involved in adventures commander in chief of the armed forces.”
The source stressed that “the religious feel angrily to rampant corruption in the office of al-Maliki, and the driver in the protection of the prime minister was involved signing deals for electricity,” and noted that “change approach governance according to request reference will need to change Maliki and his military and political Aafqatr of maturity in dealing with state issues unlike the crew of advisers who surround the leader of the Sadrist movement. ”
He warned Source Shiite high that “the failure of the dialogue between the forces of the political process and the division of Iraq will make all of Iraq, not Shiites alone, up for grabs for each neighboring countries,” adding that “keeping the unity of Iraq needs to be called wise Shiite dialogue official with Kurds and Sunnis, and this is what comprehended reference Najaf wisdom and does not want the prime minister aware, “said the source.
It is said that the religious authority had blamed the National Alliance for “correct مظلومية year” because they block responsible for understanding with the rest of the other political blocs on the partnership in the management of matters of the country.