Iraq’s annual inflation increases

Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, on Tuesday, a rise in annual inflation index to 3.6%, confirming the stability index monthly inflation for the month of December.

said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “Indicators of inflation for the month of December last went up to 3.6% due to higher prices of this section rate of 7.8% compared to prices in the month of December 2011 due to rising rents homes at 10.9%,” noting that “inflation index Monthly witnessed stable result stability drink prices alcoholic and restaurants as well as clothing and footwear. “

Hindawi said that “prices in the Kurdistan region has seen a rise in the month of last December and by 0.4%, especially in the prices of clothing and footwear, housing and transportation,” noting that “the prices recorded in the central region a slight decrease in prices in the same month and by 0.1% as a result of lower prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages, health and entertainment, while the saw prices in the south stable prices. “

The Ministry of Planning has announced last December, for a slight decline in the inflation index for the month of November in Iraq by 0.1%, also showed high annual inflation for the month of November in 2012 and by 4.5% compared to November 2011. mentions that the Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology, specialized operations statistics different nationwide, and most important work to do censuses General Population and Housing and carry out statistical relating to all areas (agricultural, industrial and other), in addition to the collection, consolidation and preparation, analysis and summarize the results of statistical operations in whole or in part.