Iraq’s economy making strides good qualify to join the World Trade Organization

A member of the Economic Commission MP Abdul Hussein Abtan, that Iraq’s economy is making good steps and large able to join the World Trade Organization, pointing out that: Iraq has a high percentage of oil and the consequent large sums belonging to the state budget makes its economy significantly.

Abtan said in a press statement that “Iraq’s possession of vast oil wealth, high turnover and distinguished geographical location of Iraq and its beautiful tourist areas make him a country economically distinct from the rest of the countries, stressing: that Iraq’s economy qualified to join the World Trade Organization.”

“The Iraq of countries that will have a very big impact in the global economy and this is what sets it apart from the rest of the country, pointing out that: the countries of the world can not dispense entertained for Iraq and its economy actor.”

Pointing out that the interest of the world that Iraq is within the World Trade Organization and the interest of the Iraqis to get into the organization because the link is a world that does the national economy and earned international expertise