British company – issued U.S. poisoned fuel to Iraq

British company – issued U.S. poisoned fuel to Iraq


Palm – newspaper, “The Independent” yesterday for the continuation of the British Petroleum Company British American export fuel that contains tetraethyl lead to Iraq.

The British newspaper said the British American Oil Company has sold fuel contains toxic lead to poorer countries, which suffer from instability, and pay bribes to officials of those countries for the continued sales of fuel in that country.

The newspaper reported that the company – a U.S. property but still keeps many of its plants in the United Kingdom – are guilty of bribing foreign officials to keep the sales of fuel poison in addition to its continued sale of chemicals out of the country for developing countries is stable, although it bears responsibility damage human health over the long term and may be involved in violent crimes.

She added that the environmental organizations called on the British government to impose a ban on a company Onossbek (Oktal previously) because of the allegations against it as the only company in the world that still produce fuel contains tetraethyl lead, and export more of that article.

The newspaper pointed out that the fourth-ethyl material use was banned on British roads but still legal in 6 states “poor” are Iraq, Algeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Burma and North Korea.

The newspaper noted that the magazine Mother Jones U.S. highlighted this week on studies linking the use of that substance in the fuel in the seventies of the last century and the dramatic rise in cases of violence, and the twenty-year period showed the damage caused by this toxic substance on children over time, including the negative impact on the nervous system and decline in IQ have before reaching the age of puberty.