Signing of an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to manage disputed areas

Revealed to security and defense committee parliamentary about the existence directed to sign an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the management of the disputed areas.

MP said the coalition countries law, Abbas al-Bayati told the “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network”: that “delegations federal goal military chiefs of the Defense Ministry and the delegation of the province representatives from the Ministry of Peshmerga reached agreement field to manage the disputed areas on the initiative, which was launched some time ago. “

Al-Bayati said that “a meeting Sunday was hoped to hold earlier, but it was postponed meeting against the backdrop of concern the military leadership of the Federal status plans keeping procedures visit the death of Imam Hussein (AS). “

He continued: “It is scheduled to testify today’s meeting signing following the arrival of the delegation of the province to Baghdad and meeting with military leaders in the federal government after an agreement in principle and field management of the disputed areas,” explaining that “Kurdish delegation will present technical observations and technology for the development of the Convention, but originally in the agreement past its principles and founded what demonstrates that the parties definitely spaces to close the file once.”

He also noted that “the meeting will review before signing the agreement between the parties and put the notes, but does not touch the foundations and principles under which agreement was reached earlier because it viable and development.

“said al-Bayati said,” There is no reason why without signing by both sides in today’s meeting, because the comments made by the brothers in the region are resolved by meeting and negotiate and discuss enhanced the will of the parties in closing the file and finally, what else matters detailed can be discussed later. “and explained that” the agreement eating three main issues starting to distribute checkpoints and management and then manage security within cities, and finally a reference security forces in the disputed areas, and the withdrawal of forces arrayed to their Previous “.