International detection scheme for “assassinating” al-Maliki

International detection scheme for “assassinating” al-Maliki with the participation of Turkey and Qatar

Sunday January 13, 2013

Follow-up – and babysit – revealed by the Iraqi political Samir Ebeid, that there planned plotted secretly involving Turkey, Qatar and organizing Brotherhood international movements Salafi and politicians from Iraq aimed at changing the parameters of the political process in Iraq in cooperation between the Muslim Brotherhood international organization with the Salafi movement and jihadist.
The writer adds that the planned start dismantling the National Alliance Shiite quietly through swaying masses task it through promises and privileges fairy, and at the same time destroying the state law charges and files in order to distinguish the case circumvent Maliki until monopolize it as Onfredoa b “Abdul Karim Qasim,” explaining that The purpose of this is to politically assassinate al-Maliki and that there are plans to assassinate him physically and end to be al-Maliki, silky Iraq, even Iraq is entering a new turn transmits the political process to the face of another, as happened in Lebanon after the assassination of Hariri.

And witnessing the political process in Iraq crises intertwined with each other Once erupt sharp differences of up to rally the armies with the Kurds on the disputed areas and again with the Iraqi list, which is in a crisis illustrates specialists said the crisis with the Iraqi list is a crisis of governance latter not only accept the receipt of governance, Some interpret that the recent demonstrations that came out against the political process is the best proof of the intentions of this list

M. J