US Embassy to Iraq: Division of Iraq best solution to crisis

A high-ranking diplomatic official has revealed that US officials had meeting with Iraqi politicians in US Embassy in Iraq, and said that US considers the best way out of present Iraqi crisis to be its division.

According to this source, who spoke in condition of anonymity, the objective of the meetings was fulfillment of some Iraqi political figures, namely the declaration of a Sunny Autonomous Region in Iraq.

“Topics of the meeting between Iraqi political figures and US officials were declaration of independence in Al-Anbar, Mosul, Saladin, and Diyala provinces,” he added.

He said that the declaration of Kirkuk as special zone was also discussed.

On the other hand, a source from Iraqi National Coalition has considered the discussed topics as the implementation of Joe Biden’s plan on dissection of Iraq, saying that “some Shiite circles in Iraq have reached agreement on a completely Shiite region and have discussed of Bagdad as the symbolic capital of Iraq where different groups can co-exist.”

The source who was informed of the details of the meetings in US Embassy in Iraq added that the White House was willing to allow the Iraqi Shiite full independence for intimidating Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, since these countries feared that the plan of a Shiite government in Iraq would be implemented and Shiite teachings spill other countries of the Persian Gulf region.”

Meanwhile, the political stage in Iraq has faced unrest due to foreign intervention and agitation of some Iraqi politicians, and it is expected that they increase in the future.