“Kills” Nuri al-Maliki?!!

“Kills” Nuri al-Maliki?!!


Palm – between planned political and military planner, which leaked so far little information about him, and essentially refers to the pursuit of Mr. Barzani and Mr. Najafi to buy off some of the officers, in an effort to assassinate al-Maliki, or liquidation of the government military coup, or the movement of military cripple the street, and lead them to the subversion of the Constitution, and was told that the poles panels more than a million dollars for each officer announced his defection, and perhaps the repeated declarations for more than one party in the Iraqi armed forces for Naaha esteem for political affairs came to that military action had reached a dead end, and that attempts to make Mr. Babacar Zebari play the role of “Moses stick” in the compilation of snakes have failed, especially after Iraqi intelligence alert to follow the latter steps.

With only a political solution authorized .. And attempts to muddy the water down to the Parliament precious fishing, represented by “to discredit the state president,” .. They try tested previously, and ended in closed completely .. Especially after Maliki proved his ability to dismantle alliances liabilities and play between the sticks down to clean up the game box .. Here there is information says that “countries such as Turkey and Qatar, Saudi Arabia, held talks with those who represent parties in entities of the Iraqi, a entities Sunni led to exchange large sums to buy votes to oust Prime Minister .. so that this information set the price of Attorney b 3, $ 2 million each hand flying to Announce approval .. which is tested in the past, but he also did not lead to results and Adjh.

Conversely Bader al-Maliki to terrorist brandishing files and criminal Alertkabat and corrupt files, which called for the lifting of the immunity of “13” deputy .. For the purpose of interrogation in the issues affecting the security of the country … A reference to more than half of the members of parliament involved in the issues of terrorism and corruption .. Even went Maliki in duplicate step also, a claim dismissed by the President of the Parliament of incompetence .. Perhaps Issaad it in the coming days where it is hoped that revealed important files concerning Mr. Najafi and partnerships regional / and fortune controversial estimated between “23/30″ billion dollars in addition to his involvement in the quest confuse the security landscape in Iraq, and perhaps tell us the coming days more files outstanding to this crisis, and that there might be a dramatic shift in the Iraqi political scene, the most notable of these transformations is the dismantling of some entities and revealed their leaves before Mmini public opinion end outdated in the next election, which will inevitably early .. Especially if it could “Geneva 2″ to reach President Assad to safety .. Mmini dramatic shifts in regional ocean .. This ocean, which is expected more serious storms and transitions on the security and political level .. Where it is believed that the Gulf will see a tremendous disturbance topples several constants that we see today.

Seems to be a crisis Anbar going to scaling, and perhaps to melt out, especially that containing systematic survey of the demands of the demonstrators had started to move strongly, without exceeding roof Constitution and the law, which looms strongly government that kept altogether on her balanced, and under the roof of the Constitution, and that seemed to tone high sometimes, a tone of trying to settle on a single line with the speech exhibitions, who arrived ceilings unprecedented, confused political بالطائفي, for up to describe more than half the population of Iraq “by the Safavids and pigs, the Persians and the customer” and a list of charges known, which requires a thorough study of history Iraq’s population in the southern and northern Ksmah, to determine who the indigenous population of Iraq .. To be determined subsequently acquired rights to these strict laws to protect them from the “arrivals”.

Ear is a crisis, as we said payer / Regional .. To Ambrr social, or economic, and perhaps even its political, especially as the Iraqi government, government of national partnership / remains whatever is said about a government that represents all spectra, and for all the right decision and participation, as well as the Iraqi parliament, which is believed to be “center of the crisis” in the political game Iraqi .. Where parties insist attempts to thwart development, and service plans, and laws to edit the path economic malaise of underdevelopment, and the announcement of a comprehensive development put Iraq in the ranks of developed nations, which is attainable resolution unit, and look at the popular demands impartiality .. But Iraq, and the Kurdistan Alliance bloc .. And that development Aémha is in Iraq from near or from afar .. As far Maémha focus on the spoils of Kurdistan of Iraqi funds, and it seems that Iraq pursued this approach also for reasons pertaining to the final inventory in the next election, in order to show the government as a “government failure” for this they insist on playing the role of a disabled .. Which prevents any progress, if the situation continues slinging as it is now.

The question .. Any situation political reality of Iraq will go to tomorrow .. Is the government can containment game .. Are escalate rhetoric and play on laws, but game of push and pull the parliamentary …. All trends indicate continued and a repeat of the game of vote-buying, and the threat of the files, and down to the fragile consensus .. Conducive to the game the next election .. All this will make al-Maliki “a man next game” .. And perhaps Saatr coalition of state law .. As one of the most prominent political entities in the coming electoral process.