Baghdad retains the right to sue oil companies in Iraqi Kurdistan

Sumo: Baghdad retains the right to sue oil companies in Iraqi Kurdistan

Friday January 11, 2013

BAGHDAD – babysit – said the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), said Baghdad reserves the right to take legal action against the oil companies that export crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan without dealing with the federal government in Baghdad.
The company said in a statement, obtained by news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of the “Baghdad has the right to confiscate shipments export of crude oil which is made without the approval of the federal government in Baghdad, and filed a lawsuit against sellers and buyers and carriers,” without that statement indicates to the names of the companies covered by this.

While the federal government says in Baghdad that she only has the right to export crude oil from Iraq, in addition to signing oil deals, while stressing the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government the right to sign contracts with international oil companies to invest in the region.

The past months have seen the outbreak of major differences between the Baghdad government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq on the back of announcement, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani stop granting entitlements foreign oil companies operating in the region, and accused the provincial government contracts with oil companies away from the control and flag the federal government. Q, Q