Najafi received a request to question Prime Minister

Najafi received a request to question Prime Minister

Tuesday January 8, 2013

BAGHDAD – babysit – delivered Osama Abdul Aziz al-Najafi, Chairman of the Board of Representatives on Tuesday, a request from a number of MPs to question Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister.
He Information Office of the President of the House of Representatives received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of: that demand has met the conditions of legal according to Article 61 VII (c) of the Constitution, which states (a member of the House and with the consent of twenty-five members, directing questioning to the Prime Minister or the ministers to hold them accountable for the affairs under their specialty, and discussion Atjra interrogation only after at least seven days from the submission).

The statement added: that Article 58 of the Rules of Procedure, which states (request direct questioning in writing to the President of the Council signed by the person requesting the questioning and the approval of twenty-five members, at least stating the general subject of interrogation and a statement of the matters questioned them, and the facts and the main points covered by the interrogation and the reasons underlying to interrogation provider, and the face of the offense which he attributes to the face of the questioning, and the interrogator grounds to support its view.

The statement pointed out: it may not include questioning things contrary to the Constitution or the law or phrases indecent, or be related to matters not within the jurisdiction of the government or be sponsored by a special interest or personal interrogator / He continued: Nor shall apply questioning on the subject Council has already separated when there has not been new facts to justify it). Q, Q