Member of the economy: the government would revise the investment law to facilitate the work of investors in the country

Baghdad (news) .. Noted a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / coalition in Iraq / Nora , that the federal government and in cooperation with the National Investment Commission to prepare a paper reforms to the investment law to be sent to the House of Representatives for the purpose of discussing and voting on them.

said  (of the Agency news): The Federal Government intends to amend the law Investment in collaboration with the national investment through prepared a paper containing reforms some paragraphs that impede the advent of investors into the country, and modify format serves the investment process.

said: that the economic and investment commission parliamentary does not have any knowledge about these amendments and paragraphs that will include the amendment of the Investment Law No. ( 13) for the year (2006), hoping to be sent a paper amendment to the House for discussion and vote on them. witnessing investment in Iraq reluctance clear result of the obstacles that stand in front of local and foreign investors, especially in the field of land-grant and routine boring in the process of granting the license investment.