Allawi, Maliki and attacking Tehran is the dominant force in Iraq

24/03/2012 07:41

Beirut, March 24 / March (AKnews) – attacked the leader of the coalition in Iraq of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s “dictatorship” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the role of Iran, which accused it of “swallowing” of Iraq, and U.S. officials, who acknowledge that Tehran was the big winner, which happened in Iraq. In an interview with the newspaper “The Washington Times,” U.S., accused Allawi, who served as prime minister between 2004 and 2005, the Iran of meddling in the political affairs of Iraq to the point that… Tehran has become the dominant force.  Allawi said: “Frankly, people are talking about Arab spring .. any this spring? “. “The spring is linked to green, and renewed life … What we have is the blood flowing everywhere in the region … and the destruction and the disintegration of states and chaos taking place.”  and criticized Allawi down U.S. officials for their commitments under the auspices of formula a political settlement that has been in Iraq two years ago, saying “The policy makers have promised to support it, but at the end of the day and, unfortunately, there has been something like that .. and I forgot the U.S. final power sharing this … I think the U.S. is deliberately removing Iraq from the screen because of a failure big in Iraq.”  said he consults with the other forces in Iraq, including Sadr’s movement about the nature of the possible next steps. Allawi accused the Bush administration of ignoring the “emerging dictatorship,” referring to the rule of al-Maliki.  He renewed his proposals out of the political crisis is early elections, and a comprehensive partnership or replace Maliki character other than the coalition. He said that if it does not happen any of these possibilities, it will encourage the exit of peaceful demonstrations across the country against the government. and Allawi accused Iran of meddling in the political affairs of Iraq, saying that Tehran had begun “to swallow Iraq,” and dominate it … He went on to say that some American officials “admit in secret that Iran has triumphed, and was the big winner, which happened in Iraq.”  to that, he called to abandon the idea of launching a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, warning that this will destabilize the region, but He said that “the Iranian regime to change his actions fully and radically, or you must change the system, by supporting the opposition inside Iran.”  In conclusion, when asked Allawi whether he will lead the “Iraqi” in the upcoming elections scheduled for 2014, said: “I do not know. It depends .. I may have … arrested by the government or have been killed or assassinate me. ”  from: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi