Congress: Iraq is on the verge of the industrial revolution and agriculture in 2013

Economists and Congress: Iraq is on the verge of the industrial revolution and agriculture in 2013

Date: 06/01/2013 12:33:26 Sunday

Baghdad (news) / report / Hussein Faleh / .. After the year (2012) and foldable pages began eyes and see economists heading towards year (2013) to determine the fate of the national economy in the future through what posed the government plans and mechanisms for the advancement of the Iraqi economy.
predicted number of MPs and economists to be the year (2013) different from previous years in terms of enhancing the economy and diversify resources, due to the presence seriously by the government to develop the national economy, especially when announcing the five-year plan, which began since the beginning of this year until the year (2017), and increase budget allocations and investment (40%) and that will mean economic sectors different. They called during their talk (of the Agency news) to make an effort in order to supplement the federal budget with financial resources variety and not to rely on a source of oil. decision Economic Commission parliamentary MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Mahma Khalil, stressed that Iraq is on the verge revolution industrial and agricultural over the coming years as a result because of its energies and capabilities to help him be of developed countries economically. Khelil said (of the Agency news): The national economy despite the decline in growth during the year (2012) and previous years, but will restore its health in the coming years starting from Year (2013), especially in the sectors of oil, industry and agriculture. added: that the process needs to clear future vision and serious work to develop the Iraqi economy and raising its standards. was issued Studies Unit in the newspaper Economist forecasts for the fastest (10) economies in the world’s fastest growing for the year ( 2013), where confirmed that year (2013) will see cases of economic growth rising in developing countries, including Iraq. For his part, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair earlier that Iraq will become the fastest growing countries, saying that the Basra province is a valuable opportunity to invest where, as called for British companies to increase their investments in Iraq. The economic expert peace Quraishi, said: There are indications that the national economy will grow during the year (2013), especially after the announcement by the Ministry of Planning for its five-year economic development, noting that this plan will start Since (2013) and will focus on the vital economic sectors Kalzeraih, industrial and commercial. added Quraishi (of the Agency news): This plan will differ from its predecessor because it developed on the basis of correct and scientific, likely to achieve great success in the coming period. pointed to: the aim of the This five-year plan is to diversify revenues of the federal budget and promotion resources other than oil, because Iraq has the potential and the ingredients enormous economic still untapped. has announced the Ministry of Planning for the start of the implementation of the five-year plan for economic development for the years between (2013 – 2017) at the beginning of the year (2013) and in cooperation with the bodies and relevant ministries. The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation announced, in (10 May 2012), the five-year plan the next cut the poverty rate in Iraq to less than 10% after updating the plan for 2010 to 2014, confirming that the update process are part of the economic variables and political and international. Meanwhile likely a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / National Alliance / Abdulabas Xiaa, that witnessing Year (2013) economic developments different fields, especially since the general budget focused on the various economic sectors for the purpose of advancement. said Xiaa (of the Agency news): The budget (2013) differed completely from previous budgets in terms of the distribution of its assets, increased its allocations investment, which in turn supports the various sectors and make the movement of large economic in the country. has announced the Ministry of Finance said the budget proposed for the year (2013) amounted to (113) billion dollars, The price of oil (90) dollars per barrel. Cabinet had sent the budget to the House of Representatives for the purpose of debating and voting on them. / end / 8. n. p /