Calls for the coalition in Iraq to discuss the crises in Iraq and the region at the top of Baghdad

24/03/2012 16:10

Arbil, March 24 / March (Rn) – new Iraqi coalition, led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi Saturday call to discuss the current political crisis in the country Summit of Baghdad, as well as the problems facing the Arab countries in the wake of uprisings that led to the overthrow regimes in a number of them. and insists Allawi’s coalition to include the current political crisis over power-sharing in the agenda of the Arab summit conference in Baghdad, but Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says… it is “an internal affair.” The Arab League said earlier Saturday that its Secretary-General Nabil el-Arabi and his deputy, Ahmed Ben Helli, will make a visit to Baghdad, along with 10 ambassadors to consult on arrangements for the summit scheduled for 29 of the month.She said in a statement distributed to the media an email that “to ensure the success of the Arab summit view of Iraq not only schedule his work on the formalities and meetings protocol, but also to turn the conference really suffering Arab peoples. ” and is expected to discuss the summit Baghdad internal situation in Syria and the unrest caused by the uprising calling for regime change as well as the restructuring of the Arab League and the issues of Arab spring. The Iraqi statement that he should come out of the Summit, “the decisions of a serious and realistic serving the independence of peoples away from external interference and the forces of extremism and develop policies is serious in fighting corruption, poverty and the distribution of wealth in a fair and respect for human rights. ” Among the topics that call for Iraq to be discussed at the summit of Baghdad, is the Palestinian issue and the deteriorating situation in Syria and the political crisis in Iraq and push for reforms in Bahrain and tensions in Egypt, Libya, Sudan and threats to security and stability of Lebanon and the development of Somalia. The authorities took the Iraqi security crackdown and cut off roads head of several on the outskirts of Baghdad to secure the Arab summit which is expected to take part in the heads of the kings of the Arabs. and will precede the summit two days meeting of the Ministers of Economy Arabs and one day meeting of Arab foreign ministers. Open: Murtaza Yousuf