Trade: Iraq prefers to be joining the World Trade Organization due and firm and strong economy

Trade Ministry confirmed on Thursday, the continuation of the negotiations in order to get Iraq on the degree of membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), noting that Iraq is not in a hurry too because he prefers to be firmly accessions due and the Iraqi economy in stronger conditions.

The trade minister said Khairallah Hassan Babiker for “obelisk”, “The importance of Iraq to get a seat membership in the WTO means returning to the weight of the global economic and open horizons of new economic to Iraq and returned to the image in terms of global impact,” noting that “the current situation requires a development economically and open the Iraqi market and the adoption of a market economy. “

He said that “the organization requested that enjoys the Iraqi economy Tools free market and not to rely on oil revenues, which constitute more than 90% of Iraqi imports, while distributed federal budget also has a yield is supportive of the economy,” pointing out that “Iraq is not hurry with regard to Alandham to wto , But he prefers to take steps and time to be Iraq’s accession to it accessions due and firmly and have the Iraqi economy in the conditions of the stronger. “

It is noteworthy that Iraq won last year on the order of (observer) in the World Trade Organization, which includes 152 members and 27 observer member.