CNN “Sadr calls for Maliki to resign and announce its full support for Anbar disobedience!!

CNN “Sadr calls for Maliki to resign and announce its full support for Anbar disobedience!!

On: Wednesday 01/02/2013 10:59 am

The leader of the Sadrist movement in Iraq, Muqtada al-Sadr, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who faces a series of demonstrations and sit-ins Sunni areas “beyond people’s bias” and push states to stand against Baghdad, accusing him of upholding the chair, and expressed support for the protesters Anbar and Ivory Coast later visit after elevate the pictures of Saddam Hussein.

It quoted the CNN about Sadr, saying in a press conference quoted details the media to his office, that the government “paying attention to the Iraqi people and call for dialogue among all parties,” and went to al-Maliki said: “Where are you from reference? Where are you from Shiism, which is commonly the principles of tolerance and unity? Where are you from human rights in prisons prisoners and women? ”

He Sadr, who leads the mass participation in the government coalition: “Why reconciliation terrorists and escalate them to the chair and then denounce the Covenant with them? Why stick to the chair and the chair in the service of the people? Why transformed all States against us and we look to neighboring countries each seeks to runner Iraq? Why made Iraq Masquerades and you who lead Iraq? ”

When asked about the lifting of images of former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, in some demonstrations Sadr said he admonished to “some of the slogans and upload cursed Saddam” as he put it, pointing out that those pictures prevented him from visiting Anbar province where protests now, and urged protesters not to “tendency to sectarianism.” He expressed support for many of the protesters’ demands, and said that among the possible options to resolve Maliki to submit his resignation.

Several Sunni cities, in the north and west of the country has seen protests in recent days, after the arrest of a number of elements of the protection and Finance Minister Sunni, Rafie al-Issawi, the development came after death sentences against Sunni Vice President, Tareq al-Hashemi, the increased sectarian tension in the country.