Parliamentary committee: 10 banks, 8 companies and 7 people who control the economy of Iraq unchecked

Central bank raised the issue a lot of questions and speculation about the circumstances that accompanied it, which eventually led to the referral of the case to the judiciary to investigate the charges of administrative and financial corruption with the dismissal of Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and designation of a financial control manager Abdul Basit Turki acting governor.

As promised the independent press (Iba) as published documents obtained by relating to the minutes of the parliamentary committee formed to follow the policy of the Central Bank and the U.S. dollar exchange rate and auction, they published the first part of the day documents.

The minutes of the committee that it held several meetings with officials in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank and the Financial Inspection Office to discuss the matter, noting that the meetings took place under the chairmanship of the First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail and the presence of the members of the Committee.

The record shows that the committee demanded BSA to provide a detailed report of the results check auction of foreign currency transactions during 2012. The Court already presented his report No. 4/3/1/20094 – 09/25/2012.

On 10/02/2012 Parliamentary Committee met to discuss the report of the Bureau and the information contained therein and with the following results:

First – the report confirms the existence of a clear imbalance in the instructions of the Central Bank regarding the auction of foreign currency, in addition to the dominance and acquire a limited number of private banks from those instructions.

The table indicates the blogger in the minutes of the Committee to that ten banks accounted for the amount of 17447490000 (seventeen billion and four hundred and forty-seven million four hundred and ninety thousand dollars) of total amount (29,982,230,000) (twenty-nine and nine hundred and two eighty and two hundred and thirty thousand U.S. dollars).

The banks are: Bank of the Middle East was in first place as they accounted for the amount of $ 2701000095 two billion, seven hundred and one million and $ 95.

The United Bank for Investment came in second in the amount of 2387000242 two billion and three hundred and eighty seven million and 242 dollars.

Followed in the ranking North Bank 2256000615 in the amount of two billion Mitian and fifty-six and 615 dollars.

And Erbil 2320802000 Bank, in the amount of two billion and twenty-three million and 802 thousand dollars.

The National Bank of Iraq 000 1873553, one billion ثمنمائة and seventy-three million 553 thousand dollars. While the Bank of the UNESCO on 000 1534961 billion and five hundred and thirty-four million 961 thousand dollars.

Elaph Islamic Bank 000 1355781 got a billion and three hundred and fifty-five and 781 thousand dollars. The Bank of Kurdistan 000 1179982 got a billion and one hundred and seventy-nine million and 982 thousand dollars.

Rasheed Bank 000 1075835 happened is another billion and seventy five million and 835 thousand dollars. While Iraqi Islamic Bank 000 1058624 got billion and fifty-eight million and 624 thousand U.S. dollars.

Secondly – indicates the minutes of the Parliamentary Committee in the second clause, limited dealings of the banks above a group of companies and persons specified without others, which led to Astitharhm buying and selling of the dollar and the high rates and control the exchange rate and not others, and below a sample of those companies and individuals who divested central bank auction with purchase rates (according to a report by the Parliamentary Committee).

Prairie Arab Bank Middle East 140,000 23% one hundred and forty million dollars

Manaf Ahmed Dawood North Bank 68 749 17% sixty-eight million, seven hundred and forty-nine thousand dollars

Ali Daoud Ali North Bank 60510 15% sixty million five hundred and ten thousand dollars

Imad Hassan Ali Erbil Bank 51 475 13% and fifty one million, four hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars

Mir Erbil Bank 49 763 13% forty-nine million, seven hundred and sixty-three thousand dollars

Pamuk commercial bank Erbil 49 540 13% forty-nine million five hundred and forty million dollars

Hura Valley United Bank 87 885 33% seven eighty and ثمنمائة and eighty-five thousand dollars

Flower Co. mountains United Bank 39270 15% Thirty-nine million, two hundred and seventy thousand dollars

Kindergarten Sultan United Bank 36 067 14% Thirty-six million and sixty-seven thousand dollars

Company time elite National Bank of Iraq 34 965 37% Thirty-four million, nine hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars

Fattah Abdullah Ahli Bank of Iraq 15 373 16% fifteen million, three hundred and seventy-three thousand dollars

Muhannad National Bank Npras Iraq 13650 15% thirteen million, six hundred and fifty thousand dollars

Kamal Elias Abbas Elaf Islamic Bank 41960 46% and forty-one million, nine hundred and sixty thousand dollars

Improve Khalil Hassan Elaf Islamic Bank 28441 31% Twenty-eight and four hundred and forty-one thousand dollars

Badia Elaf Islamic Bank 13790 15% thirteen million seven hundred and ninety thousand dollars

And confirms the minutes of the Commission that the companies and persons above divested amount (731,438) only seven hundred and one and thirty million four hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars of the amount of sample and adult (000 2,298,128) only two billion, two hundred and ninety and eight million aqueous and twenty-eight thousand dollars).

The Commission carried in the minutes that the banks responsible for the concentration of those transactions, but these companies and people being lead to monopoly and left heavy damage to the middle and lower levels of traders.

The record indicates that the Directorate-General to monitor the banking and credit did not indicate such a feedback, although he and duties intuitive diagnosis of such violations.

The investigations on the central bank is still ongoing, at which time some of the charges referred to the attached Thread money laundering and the smuggling of hard currency out of Iraq, which led to a rise in the exchange value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

Specialists say the foreign currency auction held by the Central Bank monthly aims to control the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar which succeeded him in the years before the appearance of signs of the traders and banking offices currency smuggling to neighboring countries.