Who benefits from “spoiling” the political process in Iraq?

Who benefits from “spoiling” the political process in Iraq?


Palm – since the first day of the overthrow of the fascist Baath rule hp the Baath orphans and their allies from al Qaeda followers Wahabis coming from Saudi Arabia and others to fight the new Iraq under the pretext of liberating Iraq from the American infidel occupier and its agents! But with the fall of this argument for the withdrawal of U.S. forces end of 2011 continued terrorist operations, this time under the pretext of fighting customers Safavid Iran!!.

It is intended this slogan sectarian is to fight another Iraqi Shiite out on fashionable Ottoman must be countersigned in ruling his homeland Iraq also shows evident recently in the letters MP from the Iraqi bloc Ahmed al-Alwani, who led noisy demonstrations in Fallujah and slogans sectarian explicit and unambiguous called masses to march eastward to crush the Iranian agents leading to Tehran!! The protests came on the impact of the arrest of a number of protection and Minister of Finance Dr. Rafie al-Issawi on charges of terrorism and as reported by the Reuters news agency has demonstrators in gray photo Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has repeatedly criticized al-Maliki in the recent period.

That the fight against the new Iraq is not limited to orphans Baath and the followers of al Qaeda Wahhabi but thrived, the enemies of Iraq recruiting various political parties taking advantage of the complexities of the situation and conflicts between different components of the people religious, national and political entities there many prefer their personal interests and factional national interest so it is not difficult to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey buy political receivables from Iraq to destroy their home and under the right interfaces, such as the fight against sectarianism and corruption, but is intended to void.

The most unusual to see political figures, although it contributed to the opposition ruling Baath unjust but agreeing today to contribute with orphans Baath thwart the political process and bury the fledgling democracy and under various pretexts sometimes under the pretext they are against sectarian and racial and other grounds corruption!! .. Since more than a year recruited Fakhri Karim, writing in his newspaper (range) to launch a fierce campaign against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, echoing accusations Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani his dictatorship .. It is not without a number of the newspaper articles wounds against Maliki and everyone knows that the accusation of dictatorship invalid because it can not any he was prime minister in the current circumstances to be a dictator because the number of opposition MPs over his supporters and they can drop in any time they want, but the reason for not dropping is that rampant hostility among opposition blocs most of hostility against their opponent Maliki and they can not nominate an alternative that all unhappy or satisfy even simple parliamentary majority.

For example a few appeared before us once Mr. Adnan Hussein (a long book), which openly incited to derail the political process and is worth mentioning that Adnan Hussein writes always to the satisfaction of parents blessing .. When he was working in the newspaper (the Middle East) Saudi Arabia wrote more of an essay in which he called Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and all creditor countries not to abandon the debts on Iraq to be a lesson for the Iraqi people not to produce Saddam last in the future (sic) Saddam Hussein had received power through free and fair elections senseless wars launched with the consent of the people of that student Adnan Hussein to punish these people and to future generations to Saddam’s crimes.

Today pollen we veteran politician last an article in which he called to boycott the upcoming elections under the pretext of defending democracy entitled: (for democracy in Iraq boycotted the elections coming) and on the contrary of those confirmed late on pink in his defense of democracy, saying: ‘If you cleric to أفتيت making participation in the elections a religious duty.

The question that we would like to ask is: for the benefit of those who want these thwart the political process and a boycott of the elections and nip nascent democracy? .. Repeating these boring repeating that the elections are not everything in the democratic system and this is true, but you should know these gentlemen that there is no democracy without elections .. What remains of democracy If canceled elections? As if there were shortcomings in the Iraqi democracy must to be visited by all partners in the political process and not the prime minister alone.

We have repeatedly said that we do not pretend to be a mature democracy in Iraq compete with the Western democracies after decades of physical and human devastation and deliberate neglect and cultural apostasy and piled into the neighboring countries of Iraq can not be an ideal situation … But there are some facts must be mentioned:

First we know from history states that preceded us in this regard that the birth of democracy in any country is not an easy process, but are often caesarean surgery accompanied by pain and blood.

Second did not exercise the Iraqi people democracy throughout its history before 2003, and even in the monarchy, which some like and described the Covenant LDP and it was the golden era in the history of Iraq, as often was the new prime minister dissolve parliament and appoint most of Representatives electoral process a sham fake and this is what saw him most Men monarchy who have published their memoirs, such as the late Abdul Karim Uzri and other .. The third fact is not born democracy integrated and mature will never complete and needs of the Iraqi people to long years in practice to get used to it and accept its findings and become part of the culture of social. fourth fact that people divided on himself and Mtkhasma among its components and the crisis of confidence between the political leaders as a people of Iraq must and to get all made up their share in power and as secreted polls even opened on this process name Tsagattiya such quotas .. This situation is the result of history and geography and not the product of al-Maliki or his predecessors in the presidency of the government, such as Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iyad Allawi, or even Paul Bremer .. Most of the political blocs formed according to national and religious polarization and I challenge anyone can change this combination in governing Iraq at the present time or for the foreseeable future .. Those who are demanding a democratic government like the government of Sweden, they should turn on the Iraqi people to what looks like the Swedish people free of these sectarian and ethnic divisions and a magic stick ‘Be!.

In fact, the purpose of those who claim to boycott the elections is to subvert the political process and to save water and faces of failure, they know in advance that their political role has ended فتاريخهم track demolition are bearing the lion’s share of solution in Iraq of ruin and destruction, whether they are from the background communist left or right Baathist therefore want justify their defeat in the upcoming elections also were defeated in the previous election to say they are the ones who refused to participate in the elections and who demanded a boycott on the grounds that the political process is sectarian quotas and corrupt will Artazavha.

Tale falsification of the elections:
They claim that the elections were warping testimony of the leaders of the two largest blocs, Maliki and Allawi.!!!

We say to these people, if there was a forgery Valtzyev been artfully and intelligently and at the expense of the mass of state law only to create a problem, for example everyone knows that in a system of proportional representation each entity’s share of parliamentary seats political commensurate with the proportion of electoral votes .. Political entity, which gets 10% of the vote occupies 10% of parliamentary seats … But that happened is that the Sadrist movement, for example, happened in the last election on 6% of the electoral votes and won 12% of parliamentary seats .. How? Knowing when the Electoral Commission! The entities that failed to get on the electoral not been Ajuhavhm as they claim .. This rule is followed in all democratic countries that apply the system of proportional representation .. So those who are demanding to boycott the elections on the grounds of fraud or theft of their voices, they do not only deceive themselves, and their purpose to find a justification for the expected defeat truth spotless confirm the Iraqi example: grape Almainoh says acid.

Lesson from Egypt in the province
if the advocates of a boycott of the elections on the right and know they enjoy wide popularity as subversive raised slogans such as calling for the boycott .. Boycott does not benefit only the enemies of democracy and what happened in Egypt during the presidential election and referendum on the constitution best proof of what we say .. He has won Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic by only 26% of those eligible to vote because about 50% of them boycotted the elections The referendum on the constitution was attended by only 33% of those eligible to vote and voted in favor of the Constitution President Mursi thirds third (66%) of any equivalent to 22% of those eligible to vote and most of those who believe in democracy know that the reason for the victory of President Egyptian constitution is the province of opponents of the referendum .. So Vmqatah elections serve the enemies of democracy.

This is a lesson for advocates of boycott in Iraq .. Those who raised the slogan: (for democracy in Iraq boycotted the next election) their purpose thwart democracy and the political process under the pretext of supporting democracy .. The past these do not bode well Throughout their history since the monarchy and to this moment was their job is demolition and sabotage not fluent pursuant other in political activity as they have this vandalism as national and democracy and for the wretched and the poor of our people as they claim, while in fact it is their intention reverse slogans completely because they know very well that democracy is not in their favor and therefore understand يحاربونها.

Bottom line is that the beneficiaries of the failure of the political process are the enemies of Iraq abroad such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Erdogan and the enemies of democracy affected in the home who divested power through military coups not through the ballot box Vgmoa people with fire and iron Those who advocate keen on democracy, they should not fall in the trap for the tenth time Movement of history in favor of democracy and who are trying to fight it and under various pretexts flimsy pseudo not only deceive themselves, and their fate fiasco.