Customs revenue is estimated at (600) million, activating the tariff will be two billion dollars

Mahma Khalil: current customs revenue is estimated at (600) million and when activating the tariff will be two billion dollars

Date: 12/31/2012 12:50:14 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Called decision Economic Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Mahma Khalil, the need to activate the Tariff Act because of its positive benefits for the national economy in terms of enhancing revenues of the federal budget and activating economic sectors.
Khelil said (of the Agency news): The fiscal revenue that comes from customs duties current estimated (600) million, and when activating the Tariff Act will increase (70%) of any of up to an amount ranging between (1.7 – 2) billion dollars. added: that the amounts arising from tariff will tributaries federal budget , as well as activating the vital economic sectors sectors such as the agricultural and industrial in the country. and pointed out: that demand the government to wait law tariff due to lack of rehabilitation of border crossings “illogical” and pour the interests of the Iraqi economy. mentioned that the Tariff Act has been enacted in the House of Representatives. The Council of Ministers has announced the patient applying the Tariff Act when rehabilitate infrastructure outlets export. law provides customs tariff passed by the House of Representatives to repeal the tariff number (77) for the year 1955, and is the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved) No. (54) for the year 2004 (policy of trade liberalization for 2004), and ordered CPA No. 38 of 2003 (tax reconstruction of Iraq, as amended). emphasizes law that does not work any law or regulations or regulations inconsistent with the provisions of this Act. / end / 8. n. r /