Iraq’s external debt and the right of Disguise

The accurate diagnosis of the nature of Iraq’s foreign debt is necessary and vital to know whether this indebtedness huge match with the standards of international lending and with the requirements of Iraq to the economic and social development or is it that these loans remained on its way and used the previous regime in the projects aggressive and objectives inhumane, and therefore applies properties debt unpleasant that have no entitlement in international law and become a non-binding Iraq to repay foul as debts owed by the former regime. Countries Gulf and the imperialist countries, particularly the United States has pushed the tyrant to wage war crazy and supplying money and weapons to توريطه in a dirty war to serve Western interests and weaken Iraq and turn it into a consumer market for weapons Bank.

that Iraq’s foreign debt, which resulted from the former regime bear all the characteristics of the odious debt or debt corrupt that have no entitlement in international law for many reasons including:

1 – of hard that the former regime used the loans Astdanha conditions difficult to finance its war with Iran, which ended the occupation of Kuwait in 1990, also used in the development of organs detective and amplify its military arsenal, has invested in industrial development projects and agricultural system has spent on the Iran-Iraq war more than $ 94 billion and losses in oil revenues $ 55.5 billion loss in GDP 26.2 billion, and declining oil production of 3,600 million barrels per day in 1976 to 140 thousand barrels in 1980, and reaching military expenditures to oil revenues 146.6% in 1983.

2 – that the former regime in the international situation is barbaric and tyrannical regime of fascist-style dictatorships, has plunged Iraq with huge debts to achieve goals that are inconsistent with the objectives and interests of the people, and therefore all the consequent obligations, the Iraqi people is not interested in them.

3 – The debt claimed by Gulf countries do not have any documentation of formal debts documentary, but provided the former regime grants and financial assistance in the framework of Arab solidarity to strengthen his position and military insurance protect its borders from external threat, and therefore are not debts did not grant the system according to the terms of external debt internationally recognized.

4 – foreign countries and Gulf provided ample credit to the deposed regime knows very well the nature of the regime’s aggressive being a totalitarian regime is not elected and practiced all forms of repression against its people, Consequently, these loans do not benefit the Iraqi people, but bear consequences in taxes and poverty and rising prices, hunger and unemployment and the deterioration in services and the like.

5 – contributed foreign loans to encourage bloody regime and its excesses to continue his war on his own people and aggression against neighboring countries and defiance of international resolutions. 6 – Western and Gulf countries and implicated the former regime with odious debts without any regard to its ability to meet them, and without any considerations for the real objectives of the envisaged loan debt in order to use as a pretext to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq. It is clear from this that the loans made by the countries of Western capitalism and the Gulf have exploited the system to the objectives of inhumane and detrimental to the interests of the people and thus become such loans debts foul (odious debt) and illegal in terms of legal and ethical in international jurisprudence, and will have the right elected Iraqi government that ignores these debts and refuses to pay because these debts have been submitted to support the authoritarian regime persecuted people and use the loans to wage wars and promote dictatorship vessels, and that this trend is consistent with international law and principles of the United Nations, the United Nations confirms (the odious debt does not require cancellation or exempt the debtor country because religion is false and is We owed the former regime).

With regards to international law describes odious debt that (if deliberately authority tyrannical to borrow not to the needs of the state and its interests, but to strengthen its despotic and suppression of the population who Iqatlunha religion is horrible) This fully applies to the case of Iraq.

regime of Saddam in the international position system dictatorial and bloody and tyrannical not elected by the people, and from this characterization, which is consistent with the characterization international van foreign debt of Iraq is indebted canceled and must creditor nations dropping debt owed by Iraq fall of the regime, فالديون breath have no entitlement to long based on the goals of non-humanitarian and targets illegal .

Based on these facts recognized by international law and the principles of the United Nations can the Iraqi government claim write off foreign debt resulting from the former regime and considered debts canceled and rejected war reparations approved by the Committee of international sanctions and to ask the international creditors that financed bloody regime loans and arms to pay financial compensation for material losses and human damage in Iraq.

Consequently, Iraq has all the legal justifications and moral affirming the legitimacy of debt oppressive regimes, and can benefit from the experiences of countries that announced its denial of its foreign debt and refused to pay and these countries:

1 – rejected the Soviet Union solvency foreign-based tsarist government before October Revolution in 1917 and considered this debt help from the bourgeois government’s international bourgeoisie in Tsarist Russia and declared the Soviet government refused to pay Hamia external debt resulting from Tsar’s government collapsed.

2 – The United States rejected the U.S. external debt implications for Germany and Britain on the pretext that these loans made to finance the civil war in America and contributed to prolonging the war.

3 – announced revolutionary Cuba refusal to pay its foreign debts, which borrowed Spain on behalf of Cuba in 1898.

4 – proceeded South African nation to declare refusal to pay debts arising from the apartheid regime. Proceeding from this vision we see that the defense of interests national independence and the resumption of economic development and reconstruction, reconstruction requires the elected Iraqi government refused to pay debts and compensations to the former regime and considered financial aid provided by the international creditors to ally strategic Saddam Hussein, who gave them a valuable service to their regional and international in the area and demanding foreign countries and Gulf presented Loans and financial and military support to the regime to pay financial compensation to Iraq for damage to its destruction.

and Gulf countries that have provided funds to support the former regime in its war with Iran must be well aware that they made that money in grants and donations is repayable to it the price of bonuses ally strategic who fights on their behalf to protect borders, and that they must declare write off these debts unconditionally and desist from demanding pay back, and you must realize these countries that have signed to fool the system, it has provided financial and political support to save the system did not offer to help the Iraqi people affected by the system, and hence the mere claim the Iraqi people to pay such debts that carry catastrophic consequences is immoral position.