Budget In 2013 To The House Of Representatives During The Next Two Weeks

BAGHDAD – News Network Iraq – A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives for Showing the budget year 2013 at the Presidency of the Council of Representatives during the next two weeks, The House of Representatives has canceled recess legislative earlier in order to reach to approve the budget law of 2013 delayed for some time due to some observations made by some political blocs around,

said Amin Hadi in his statement that “all parliamentary debates of the budget has been completed at this time and there is no justification to delay voting upon or approval in the coming period”, and pointed out that “the next two weeks will witness submit the budget to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to vote and approval and working out service for the sustainability of state action and its departments, “

The mass citizen parliamentary announced earlier not vote on the budget by 2013 if it does not include allocations legal retirement and grant students submitted by it because you do not include allocations in the budget set by the government .