Establishment of Mesopotamia Islamic Bank by the government will strengthen the banking

Banker: the establishment of Mesopotamia Islamic Bank by the government will strengthen the banking sector activity

Date: 30/12/2012 11:31:53 Sunday

Baghdad (news) .. Praised banking expert Mohsen Ali, the idea of setting up a bank Mesopotamia Islamic by the federal government that will strengthen the work of the banking sector in the country.
said Ali (of the Agency news): The establishment of Bank of independent capital High operates according to Islamic law continued to the federal government will support the banking business in the country , because the government will be covered by supporting financially and promote incident. and pointed out: that there is a tendency great about dealing with Islamic banks by some citizens and owners of companies, stressing that the bank will create competition with commercial banks, which would kind of economic development in the country. was Presidency issued, law establishing the Bank of Mesopotamia Islamic number (95) for the year 2012 with a capital of 50 billion Iraqi dinars, adding that the task of the bank, the exercise aspects of banking activity in the inside and outside Iraq, and to carry out financing and investing in various projects and activities. mentions that the government Federal announced, in April of this year, for approval of the bill Bank Mesopotamia Islamic at the request of the Ministry of Finance, stating that the bank oversight body legitimacy consists of 4 members from experienced and competent in Islamic jurisprudence and its assets. mentions that the activities of Islamic banking in Iraq began in (1993) when establishing Islamic Bank of Iraq, even now numbering (10) banks, including the Bank of a new government called the Islamic Mesopotamia, and there is an external bank and another Gulf. / end / 8. n. p /