Kurdish leader: Do not talk about succession Talabani

Kurdish leader: Do not talk about succession Talabani

The time on Saturday, December 29 1 / December 2012 14:11 | |

Baghdad / Orr News

Ruled Kurdish leader of any attempts or efforts on the succession of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who is currently lying in a hospital in Germany following a stroke suffered recently in Baghdad. Said Hassan Jihad member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance “The last medical reports confirm that President Jalal Talabani began to recover and respond to the therapeutic program developed by his doctors.”

Jihad said that “any talk of succession Talabani is totally unlikely not put it not in terms of the official within the Kurdish leaders, not even the discussions side, as well as for the political forces of Iraq, where there have been no discussion of him,” asserting that “everyone respects Talabani and respects its history heritage and stresses the importance of continuing the political process has because the current political process and, as events proved and the facts they need to President Talabani. ” Jihad confirmed that “everyone is waiting for the return of President because medical reports bode well and this is what everyone hoped.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Necmettin cream doctor accompanying President Talabani jurisdiction nervous that Talabani’s health continues to improve. Dr Karim, who accompanied Talabani in Germany in a press statement that “German medical team supervisor on the health of President confirms improved state of health of His Excellency significantly day after day,” adding that “the president’s response to the treatment received very good.”

Dr. Karim explained, “We see today a positive improvement and good health of His Excellency President Jalal Talabani, what gives us optimistic about the recovery of President Talabani of ill-health that befell him fully.”