Finance: the position of Governor of the Central Bank has not yet made its candidate

Parliamentary Finance: the position of Governor of the Central Bank managed proxy and the government has not yet made its candidate

12/29/2012 (23:00 pm)

BAGHDAD / agencies

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the position of Governor of the Central Bank is still run by proxy and the government did not provide until now a candidate for the job. A member of the Committee Faleh sari told {Euphrates News} on Friday that the central bank of the institutions very important and vital and which have a significant impact on the country’s reputation economic, and recent statistics indicated higher reserves Iraq of gold and this is a proof that the policy that was followed by by the central bank was successful and resulted in cash to be these precautions these figures and a three-fold increase. ”
He stressed that “it must be selected according to conservative contexts and standards be accepted by international organizations and specialists in economic institutions in the country.” And the effect that “the parliamentary Finance Committee preoccupied now the budget law and discussions about it and did not yet consider the subject of the Governor of the Central Bank and will be the subject of priorities over the next year.”
He noted that “the Finance Committee will have a large role in identifying and give features and standards to be followed in the selection of the Governor of the Central Bank.”
The Ali al-Moussawi, a media adviser to the prime minister announced earlier vote of the Council of Ministers to assign Abdul Basit Turki of Directors of the Central Bank instead Shabibi.
The Integrity Commission has issued an arrest warrant for Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and 16 other officials, including Deputy Governor appearance of Mohammed Saleh.
The House of Representatives formed a committee headed by Qusay al-Suhail, first deputy speaker of parliament, has taken some action that led to the issuance of arrest warrants against a number of officials at the central bank, including Governor Sinan al-Shabibi against the backdrop of corruption charges.