Future of Iraq “mysterious” after Jalal Talabani?

Future of Iraq “mysterious” after Jalal Talabani?


Palm – increased exposure of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, a stroke of the worsening political situation in Iraq; still the problem between the Kurds and Maliki’s list because of an accident, “Tuz” which led to the increase of the Iraqi situation worse and worse.

Has indicated some of the media that the cause of exposure Talabani to this stroke was the result of a lengthy meeting with al-Maliki in an attempt to reach a solution to the crisis, while According to some sources that al-Maliki ordered not to allow the convoy’s presidential Talabani move only after special permission from Maliki; resulting to injury Talabani stroke, indicated sources close to the presidency to be the cause of the crisis suffered by President Talabani was after a lengthy meeting with al-Maliki and al-Maliki asked Talabani denied a report published by Fakhri Karim, editor of the “long” daily Baghdadiya from attacking al-Maliki – Meeting with the president – for the year in the northern province of Mosul, saying: They are conspirators, and that he had asked Talabani work on the annexation of the province to the Kurdistan region to get rid of those deemed Maliki his enemies.

The source added that Talabani has strongly rejected this, especially since there are recordings retain the words of al-Maliki, has threatened Fakhri Karim relaying and dissemination.

During the same meeting request Talabani Maliki change attitudes, and to be flexible in addressing the political crisis experienced by the country, especially with regard to the government and the Kurdistan region, which responded Maliki rejecting these accusations, and asking him to take positions neutral – as all Iraqis – from political developments within the country, and the Non-Aligned Kurdish nationalism.

The source explained that heated controversy has escalated between Talabani and Maliki even rose screaming Maliki leaving the meeting are infuriated Talabani (79 years) often resulting in injury stroke and fell to the ground, and move subsequently to the Medical City in Baghdad for treatment where source asserts that the critical condition currently, and that his body does not respond to treatments, and that the Iraqi presidency had with this case to bring two medical teams from Britain and Germany to oversee the development of health Talabani, where he was the last team has supervised treatment in Germany in recent months.

The question is: What is the fate and future of Iraq after President Talabani in the light of disputes between the Kurds and al-Maliki? It will be Khalifa Talabani in the event of his death?

Some political analysts have ruled out completely to allow the political forces in the city of Sulaimaniyah – the main stronghold of the party, Jalal Talabani – that highlights Khalifa is the National Union, or at least of opposition movements in the city, or allow Hizbollah Barzani that gets high office, whatever the circumstances, especially and that the roots of the conflict between the two greatest powers extends deep into the land of Kurdistan.

But some see that the character “Barham Salih” – who took on behalf of Prime Minister Maliki’s government first, and took over as head of Government of the Territory, and took files negotiate many throughout the years following the American occupation – seems closest to the speculation, analysts and insiders political affairs in the National Party and the region and the state; he maintains good relations with all Sunni and Shiite leaders alike, and has “charisma” adapted to the political transition.

Kurds believe that it is premature to talk on this subject, and there are a lot of Kurdish figures which can have Talabani such as: “Mullah Bakhtiar,” and “Rasool”, in addition to the leader of the Movement for Change “Naoshrooan Mustafa”, and believe that the Constitution regulates the country’s situation In the absence of the president, where Article 75 of the Iraqi Constitution states that: (The Vice President of the Republic was replaced when the post is vacant for any reason, and the House of Representatives elect a new president, during a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of the vacancy).

But the Iraqi List MP Ahmed al-Alwani believes that although the Constitution regulates the vacuum after an absence of President but the political differences – especially between the center and the region – will cast on the process of selecting the president alternative, and see that the job right for the Kurds under political agreements and distribution system positions , but expect a very difficult phase after it violated all agreements and there were many differences between the blocs.

Analysts Iraqi politicians to choose the next president will be in accordance with the desire of the U.S., even if the breach of the Constitution because America want to support al-Maliki, which made him all the powers and supported at the expense of the rest of the blocks and the political consensus of Iraq, if they desire America ignored all blocs favorite Maliki will not rule out the day to give him the powers of the President and received his gold platter, as happened in the portfolios task when delivered to Maliki acting and became controls all facilities of the Iraqi state; In the end it will come on top of the Iraqi citizen who tasted two of Maliki and his government sectarian.