Nassif calls on Kuwait to make talks with Iraq on Chapter VII of bilateral exclusively

MP for the coalition called on the Iraqi Free high Nassif Kuwait to make talks about removing Iraq from Chapter VII exclusively bilateral, rather than leave it as a card used by the U.S. side to put pressure on Iraq.

The told him the Information Bureau of the coalition received and Euphrates News Agency {} copy today that “the American side baptizing between now and then to waving not remove Iraq from Chapter VII, in pursuit of the American administration to use the issue as a card to put pressure on Iraq to undergo the will of America.”

She added that “if they want to Kuwait establish positive relations with Iraq has to deal with file Chapter VII manner bilateral between the two sides exclusively, any is agreed by both parties to submit a request to the United Nations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, because the reason for keeping Iraq hostage the UN mandate. “

The situation in Iraq under Chapter VII after UN Security Council Resolution 678 of 1990, after the invasion of the dictatorial regime of the State of Kuwait, which allowed the UN resolution to use military force to drive Iraq out of Kuwait, according to the provisions in Chapter VII of the UN Charter, and under article 39 of the Charter, which consists of 13 articles begin to Article 39 and the finished article.