Kuwaiti National Assembly considering bill Conservancy agreement with Iraq in the Khawr Abd Allah

And agreed to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Kuwaiti National Assembly on the bilateral agreement between Iraq and Kuwait on the organization of maritime navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah waterway in the Gulf.

The agency quoted the official Kuwait news agency Kona Thursday, from the decision of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the National Assembly Tahir Failakawi, saying that “the Committee agreed at its meeting today on the draft law of the Convention between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Iraq on the organization of maritime navigation in Khor Abdullah] and brought to Council to decide. “

He added that “the Commission held a meeting in the presence of representatives of the Ministries of Finance and Transport and the General Authority for Investment.”

The Iraqi Ministry of Transport announced on 30 April last signed an agreement with Kuwait to form a joint management committee to coordinate and regulate navigation in the Khor Abdullah.

And witnessed the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait during the past few months progress in resolving outstanding issues between the two countries, notably issuing emir ordered to stop lawsuits against Iraqi Airways after a financial settlement between the two countries, stressing that his country will soon lifting of international sanctions imposed on Iraq under Chapter VII of the Board Security Council.