Finance Committee discussed the response of the Ministry of Finance on the House proposals on budget bill 2013

Baghdad (news) .. held the Finance Committee headed by Chairman of the Committee MP Haider al-Abadi, to discuss and debate the responses and the Ministry of Finance on the first part consignee of proposals gentlemen members of the House of Representatives on some paragraphs in the draft budget law of 2013.

According to a statement of the Commission received Agency (news ) copy of it on Thursday: that during the meeting the topic of allocations Act grant students and which was agreed with the government to add customizations to the law grant students (legislator it recently), and also add assignments to law retirees (if enacted).

continued: It was also stressed by Before the Committee on the books sent by her to the Ministry of Finance on the (cash balances, budgets detailed level circuits each ministry).

and recommended: the emphasis on commitment date bill the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2013 for a vote in the middle of next month, has also been Verification also include a report of the Finance Committee prepared on the budget 2013 all correspondence sent by the Commission (and the Ministry of Finance, the Office of Financial Supervision) and follow up the matter later settled