Maliki refuses to answer questions from Parliament on the arms deal

Maliki refuses to answer questions from Parliament on the arms deal and the Special Committee finish its work in protest

12/25/2012 (23:00 pm)

 Baghdad / supporter Tayeb

Said members of the parliamentary committee tasked with investigating the Russian arms deal, on Tuesday, it raised the priorities of its work to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to be announced at today’s meeting Wednesday, after the event of disagreement inside without reaching a compromise formula for the final report. As stressed that the committee did not reach all the facts about the Russian deal, especially after the failure of the Office of the Commander in Chief to respond to questions directed to him, said the investigation proved that the agreed price exceeds the real price by 30%, pointing to the existence of Arab mediators and foreigners as well as Iraqis are nationals of other countries. And revealed the signing of Iraq and Russia for the deal initialed, and that the Iraqi delegation has opened an escrow account, and that the contract exceeds allocations to the Ministry of Defence itself. Was the commission of inquiry parliamentary costly deal of Russian weapons, announced last Thursday, completed the investigation with 30 personal covered the investigation, stressing that The Russian side promised a number of personalities to “Komhnat” If what has been passing the deal. The Iraqi government has signed a deal to buy Russian weapons worth $ 4.2 billion, and included, according to reports Russian aircraft MiG-29, and 30 attack helicopters Mi – 28, and 42 Pantsir – S 1 A missile systems Land – Joe. says MP Chuan Mohamed Taha, a member of the security and defense committee, said that “the inquiry deal of Russian arms and through three meetings reached because of signed contracts initialed by the Iraqi side, although negotiations have been under the auspices of the Russian Federation, and the financial transactions already started by opening an escrow account without coverage. “adds Taha, in an exclusive interview with” long “, saying” there is a vast difference in the amounts of weapons up to 30% and there is also greatly exaggerated the prices of some types of weapons Kalguenas “, referring to the “The amounts agreed in the deal beyond the mandate of the Ministry of Defence which do not have such allocations to cover the eighth transaction.” and indicates a Kurdish lawmaker said that “the Commission discovered the existence of intermediaries Iraqis and non-Iraqis,” stressing that “the investigation committee sent more than one message to the commander of the armed forces Nouri al-Maliki include questions about the deal, but the latter does not respond, we did not provide a justification for failing to answer, “stressing” the existence of the recommendations annexed to the Commission at the conclusion of its work despite not reaching all the facts. ”
He continues committee member investigative saying “so we referred the file to the Integrity and the Supreme Judicial Council to work on the investigation with the names put forward are both Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, and MP Ali al-Dabbagh, the Attorney Izzat Shabandar and adviser presidency Abdul Aziz al-Badri. ”
refers to other names, including Arab mediators and an Iraqi businessman of foreign nationality, “as well to an unknown person not only know his name Yuri and we have no other information about him. “In the same context, says other Member of the Committee on Investigation Deputy Governor Zamili that” meetings of the Committee reached a semi-agreement that is converted the case to the Judicial Council and the Integrity Commission and delivered all testimonies made by witnesses. “and adds Zamili, in an interview with the” long “yesterday,” The people who have been housed in the Commission talked about the existence of mediators, including Ross and Iraqi and Lebanese, “adding that” the investigation has proved the existence of corruption in the deal, as we discovered varying prices between delegation negotiating the first and second delegation. ”
and follow a member of the security and defense committee said that “statements that we took of the names mentioned contradict with each other sometimes, but we got those certificates and testimonies to result completed the report, and the rest should work it up and bring it more because we’re not a judicial committee.” In the meantime, the source revealed, from within the investigative committee, “and there is considerable disagreement within the committee on the final version of the report prevented the exit of one outcome, and that the disagreement was between members of the rule of law and the Chairman of the Committee Bahaa al-Araji.” The source adds, who asked not to be named, said, “This dispute led us to raise the primitives of the presidium of the House of Representatives which, in turn, will be offered to prepare the report and submit it at a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday).”