Kuwait: Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII but need to fulfill obligations

Initiative Prince launched fund small projects taken on an international dimension

settle the issue of compensation, “Kuwait” and maintenance of border markers are no substitute for international commitments

Kuwait opposed the inclusion of a provision on human rights violations in Iran during the Tunis conference put director of international organizations at the Foreign Ministry Jassim Mubaraki Initiative Amir firing fund small projects in the box after consideration of the Kuwaiti leadership and thought Amir, adding that the initiative took on an international dimension and more credibility through the London Conference, which was held recently for the Deauville Partnership and pointing out that we commemorated the initiative and renewing of the period to period ..

An initiative that pre-empted the Prince where countries Arab Spring and even thinking of industrialized nations. On the other hand, revealed Mubaraki opposition Kuwait for the inclusion of an item on human rights in Iran during the Tunis conference, pointing out that “the United States and Canada have opposed the inclusion of item Iktend Israel of its nuclear program” , and criticizing my position, “Washington and Ottawa on the recognition of a Palestinian state,” asserting that “despite our respect and pride for our friendship with the United States and Canada., but the position of the recognition of the state of South Sudan rapidly and non-recognition of a Palestinian state is the concept and there is no explanation, but he double standards and double standards are skeptical the credibility of these countries in the peace process, “stressing that” we when we become the true test, we find that these countries stand stand in favor of Israel. “

said Mubaraki that Kuwait will not talk about exit from Iraq under Chapter VII as long as not fulfilled Baghdad obligations, “pointing out that we We want Iraq to making strides confidence toward Kuwait, and revealed the existence of many ideas in the quiver of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak will be addressed during his upcoming visit to Baghdad, which will accompany a delegation of businessmen and will be through partnerships and agreements long term between the two sides. “

obligations Kuwait Stressing Director of International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press conference yesterday that “appeals to Kuwait that Iraq will implement what it’s international commitments so that we can talk about ending the mandate of the High-Level Coordinator for prisoners and missing Gennady Tarasov and search for another mechanism determined by the Security Council and is either searching for Coordinator another or refer the matter to UNAMI with the expansion of tasks decision of the Security Council or any other mechanism, noting that the decision was not the decision of Kuwait nor is Iraq’s decision

.. but it is, however, the Security Council and Secretary-General and the permanent members that would be considered in Rye two countries, recalling the letter sent by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid to the Secretary-General of the UN, which confirmed during which the need to have a full implementation of the obligations of Iraq so that we can talk about the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and included under Chapter VI and mechanism certain whether UNAMI or coordinated high Level another.

between Kuwait touched attention Iraq out of under Chapter VII and that Baghdad would not mind to have it with “UNAMI” or appoint a coordinator another, stressing that “unless in Iraq with its obligations, particularly with regard to the maintenance of border markers, Kuwait will not talk about his departure from under Chapter VII, “noting that Iraq linking things subject progress on Kuwait Airways,” explaining that Kuwait does not link the issue of Kuwait Airways with international Iraq fulfill its obligations as a bilateral issue between the two countries … We continue in it. ” “The decree was issued necessary for Kuwait Airways and the process now between the Ministries of Transportation countries that pay the $ ¯ 500 million in a special fund and then goes countries of the courts in Canada, Britain and lay end to the claims in order to raise the ban on Iraqi Airways,” noting that “Iraq is interested in this issue and linking them but we do not associate with and there is no link between the international resolutions and between this matter.”

and denied Mubaraki rumors about linking Iraq between maintenance of border markers and debt and compensation, pointing out that the Iraqis are interested now to proceed with the maintenance of border markers and put an end to the issue of Airlines, “adding” the issue commercial and bilateral, however we are involved in which not because they are tied to the issue of maintenance of border signs, but because we want to close this file. ” relationships largest and about how the possibility of Iraq fulfill its obligations “I believe that His Highness the Prime Minister was clear that the lines Kuwait is not a central issue, and we look forward to be our much bigger than this issue, but the process of building confidence and we want Iraq to step positive steps towards building confidence and reassure the Kuwaitis and the completion of the maintenance of border markers and end the excesses of some farmers, and this reassures Kuwait dramatically, “

He expressed confidence that in the quiver of the Prime Minister many of the ideas that will be in Baghdad during his upcoming visit, where سيصطحب with a delegation from the private sector to discuss partnership agreements and long-term relationship with Iraq much more than the issue of the airline, stressing that “we more careful from Iraq Close all the files, but we do not want to link the issues of Iraq’s commitment under the Security Council resolutions issue commercial and bilateral issues and court cases. “

Turning to the question about that although Kuwait active ingredient in the Human Rights Council, but we have not seen action criminalizes acts of the Syrian regime as it did with the Libyan regime , said Mubaraki that “criminalization of the jurisdiction of the International Tribunal and there condemnation of the Human Rights Council, which does not have more than condemnation as the organ of the United Nations and broadcast by Aocampoa when Athbt A well as the crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity,”

pointing out that “there difference between the International Tribunal and the Human Rights Council. ” partnership Deauville and around the post of Kuwait in “partnership Deauville” held in London said Mubaraki: “The partnership Deauville established industrialized nations eight and transition countries such as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia as well as Morocco, Jordan and Yemen with partnership countries namely Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi and Turkey to provide support, “pointing out that we” come a long way to establish fund-called ¯ “fund shift” under the supervision of the World Bank to provide soft loans and grants to finance small projects, “and noting that Kuwait raised at the London meeting in Tunisia initiative His Highness to provide financial resources to ¯ 500 million for the Fund, and underscored on this initiative and we were invited to a partnership and integration between the Arab Fund as he oversees the initiative and account has and the World Bank and the American side grateful very much and happy with this initiative, which took on an international dimension and credibility more The Ahienaha and نجددها from period to period an initiative that pre-empted the Prince where countries Arab Spring and even thinking industrialized nations which come today in place to highlight the foresight of the leadership of the Kuwaiti and think of His Highness. “

He said that “for the Tunis meeting, raised 3 issues of freedom of expression freedom of opinion and we mentioned explicitly that Kuwait does not have any problem with freedom of expression because it is stipulated in the Constitution, but we understand it to be within the law and the legislation, as they talked about the empowerment of women and mentioned that women in Kuwait and arrived in leadership positions and became secretary arrived and 3 women elected free, direct to Parliament was appointed two women in the new cabinet last, “adding that” final issue is the question of small and talked initiative Prince in detail. “

human rights and that “the final statement included the insistence of both Canada and the United States to insert a paragraph related to human rights in Iran and we objected because we did not want to allocate a particular state because a public announcement should talk in general or to remind all States not state specific, and we talked about the evacuation of the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction and the Conference of Larnaca, said that Iran has responded to this call, but Israel did not respond The Americans refuse to insert any clause relating to Israel,

“saying that” Iran has responded and attended, but Israel did not attend and the United States supports Israel does not want any reference to Israel’s failure in the final statement of Tunisia do not want any reference to membership of Palestine as an observer at the United Nations, “and noting that” After taking Word and talk and agreed Canadians and Americans to insert a reference to the issue of Palestine as a monitor, but not as carrots, but format science, “saying that whatever it was it is considered an asset to the brothers the Palestinians and according to what I understood from the Ambassador of Palestine in Tunisia that President Abu Mazen was very happy to enter this paragraph that we have worked on strongly. “

Israeli nuclear and about invitations to the General Assembly of the United Nations demanding that Israel open its nuclear facilities to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and if he sees this thing kind of evolution answered Mubaraki “Yes, but we want the major powers, especially the United States as a permanent member Security Council when you go issue to the Security Council is always facing veto U.S., “expressing his regret that” the United States became the protector of Israel right and vanities, nor to look at the building of settlements and disrupting the peace process and talk about the negotiations, “and noting that I asked them in Tunisia how we talk about negotiations and we We have not seen progress since 30 years since the beginning? Palestine is not Inbound become state while southern Sudan as a state in a short period and this double standard, “stressing that” frankly .. Despite our respect and pride for our friendship with the United States and Canada, but this situation is the concept and there is no explanation, but he double standards and double standards and questions the credibility of these countries in the process of Alsalamn When we become the true test, we find that these countries stand stand in favor of Israel. “

Speaking on a visit UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of Kuwait and whether he discussed the issue of presence of the UN Office Development in the country said Mubaraki that “office device follow the UN, and this issue consideration by the Secretary-General and we are trying as hosts regional office can offer everything we can from facilities and take care of the office work, “pointing out that” there remains the issue of assessing the work and activity of the office and its usefulness in Kuwait, especially the Secretary-General. “