Find an alternative for Maliki .. He bears what happened to Talabani

Vice Kordstani: to find an alternative for the National Maliki .. The prime minister bears what happened to President Talabani

Date: 24/12/2012 12:23:51 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Called a member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP / coalition blocs Kurdistan / tour Haji, the National Alliance on finding alternative Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, loaded Maliki presented him with President Jalal Talabani and will be subjected to him.
said Haji in a statement (of the Agency news): The Region Kurdistan keen on Iraq’s unity and political stability and the security of the country, pointing out: that the province sent delegations political, technical and military since the formation processes Tigris to find solutions on the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil. MP added Kurdistan: that all delegations that were sent to Baghdad, did not solve the crisis because, Maliki and his coalition “state law” does not want to solve the problems and to find solutions, calling the National Alliance to find a replacement for al-Maliki as prime minister, from national figures in the coalition, because al-Maliki has become a problem for the Iraqis. pointed round, to President Talabani tried every its potential calm situation, but Prime Minister reason to Talabani crisis, laden with Maliki what he him President of the Republic and will be subjected to him, because he had become a problem for Iraq. (she said). and mar the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil substantial differences peaked after the formation of the Tigris in the disputed areas, With refuses Kurdistan these operations and prepare “provocative province”, and led to get clashes between elements of the federal police and troops “peshmerga” in the district of Tuz in the province of Salahuddin and resulted in casualties and killed a citizen of the people of the judiciary. / end / 7. n. p /