Kuwait fed Baghdad stone officials: do not talk about exit Iraq from Chapter VII

Kuwait fed Baghdad stone officials: do not talk about exit Iraq from Chapter VII … What has not fulfilled its obligations

Published 23/12/2012 10:21 AM

BAGHDAD – “arenas of Liberation”
After officials confirmed at the Foreign Ministry ethnic they cut strides many Arkhaj Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions, returned Kuwait Tltgahm stone, director of international organizations at the Foreign Ministry Jassim Mubaraki that Kuwait will not talk about exit from Iraq under Chapter VII as long as not fulfilled Baghdad obligations, pointing that we want Iraq to making strides confidence towards Kuwait.
revealed Mubaraki in a press statement about the existence of many ideas in the quiver of the Prime Minister will be addressed during his upcoming visit to Baghdad, which will accompany a delegation of businessmen and will be through partnerships and agreements long term between the two sides.

He stressed, director of international organizations at the Foreign Ministry that he «appeals to Kuwait that Iraq will implement what it’s international commitments so that we can talk about ending the mandate of the High-Level Coordinator for prisoners and missing Gennady Tarasov and search for other mechanism established by the Security Council and is either searching for Coordinator or another refer the matter to UNAMI with the expansion of tasks decision of the Security Council or any other mechanism, adding that the decision was not the decision of Kuwait nor is Iraq’s decision, but it is, however, the Security Council and Secretary-General and the permanent members that would be considered in the opinion of the two countries, recalling the letter sent by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Secretary General of the United Nations, which confirmed during which the need to have a full implementation of the obligations of Iraq so that we can talk about the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and included under Chapter VI and mechanism certain whether UNAMI or high-level coordinator last.
between Kuwait touched interesting Iraq out of item Chapter VII and that Baghdad would not mind to have it with UNAMI or appoint a coordinator last, stressing that «unless in Iraq with its obligations, especially in relation to the maintenance of border markers, Kuwait will not talk about his departure from under Chapter VII», pointing that «Iraq linking things subject progress on Kuwait Airways», adding that «Kuwait does not link the issue of Kuwait Airways with international Iraq fulfill its obligations as a bilateral issue between the two countries … We continue where ».
Several files
and added «decree necessary for Kuwait Airways and the process now between the Ministries of Transportation countries that pay the $ 500 million in a special fund and then goes countries of the courts in Canada, Britain and lay end to the claims in order to raise the ban on Iraqi Airways», adding that «Iraq is interested in this issue and linking them but we do not associate with and there is no link between the international resolutions and this matter».
denied Mubaraki rumors about linking Iraq between maintenance of border markers and debt and compensation, pointing out that the Iraqis are now interested to proceed with the maintenance of border markers and put an end the issue Airways », saying« issue commercial and bilateral, however we are involved in which not only because it tied the issue of maintenance of border signs, but because we want to close this file ».
and on how the possibility of Iraq fulfill its obligations, said «I think that His Highness the Prime Minister was clear that the lines Kuwait is not a central issue, and we look forward to be our much bigger than this issue, but the process of building confidence and we want Iraq to step positive steps towards building confidence and reassure the Kuwaitis and the completion of the maintenance of border markers and end the excesses of some farmers, and this reassures Kuwait dramatically », He expressed confidence that in the quiver of the Prime Minister many of the ideas that will be in Baghdad during his upcoming visit, where سيصطحب with a delegation from the private sector to discuss partnership agreements and long-term relationship with Iraq much more of an issue Airways », stressing that we« more careful from Iraq Close all the files, but we do not want to link the issues of Iraq’s obligation under Security Council resolutions issue of trade and bilateral issues and court cases.