Western experts: Iraq lacks “intermediate” Talabani during repeat-Maliki “scenario” Hashemi

Western experts: Iraq lacks “intermediate” Talabani during repeat-Maliki “scenario” Hashemi with Finance Minister

23/12/2012 (23:00 pm)

Baghdad / term

Western experts said that Iraq is missing today and a key mediator between the political parties is President Jalal Talabani, who is undergoing treatment in Germany, at the time of looming in front of the country’s new crisis between the Prime Minister and the coalition of the “Iraqi” who accuse him of exclusivity rule.
Talabani began (79 years), the first Kurdish president of Iraq in recent history, medical trip last Thursday in Germany from stroke suffered earlier this week, amid assurances from those around him that his health is improving.
According to the report, told the French press, that Talabani focused in his first term on the truce with Iraq’s neighbors Syria and Iran, which was accused by the United States to support the insurgency in Iraq, and then work Talabani during his second term to keep the dialogue open between the political parties in the ongoing struggle for power.
The agency said that Iraq lacks the skills Talabani this time looming in front of a new political crisis against the backdrop of the arrest of some members of the Protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, personal window of the coalition of Sunni “Iraqi”, on terrorism charges.
Issawi long demanded the arrest Thursday evening Shiite prime minister, who has ruled the country since 2006 to resign, and remember this incident and the beginning of the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi year ago, when the arrest of some of his bodyguards on terrorism charges, too, before he was sentenced himself to death in absentia.
Says analyst John Drake, an expert on Iraq, told AFP, that Talabani “thanks to his skills in mediating played a key role in calming the turbulent political arena.”
He adds that “some might describe role Bamahdod, but Talabani already given this role meaning is more important than during the implanting of dialogue and debate in the political life.”
Drake believes that “if Talabani no longer president, he is likely to see intense negotiations between the major political players, not only about who will succeed him, even on the terms of the selection of candidates.”
Drake explains that “if it was not the election of a new Kurdish president, the political groups associated with other ingredients may allow it only if there is consensus on this issue, which means that the talks may extend for weeks and possibly months.”
In a related context, expressed U.S. Vice President Joe Biden wish him well for the president, Jalal Talabani, and sent a letter of the wish him well, stressing the need for role in Iraq’s stability and progress.
Biden said in his letter: “It hurt to hear Asapetkm unwell recently, but I have received with satisfaction the news of the improvement in your health.” “Iraq needs you to return to your site .. I have emphasized time again and again your ability to unite and not dispersed, and proved that you voice of reason and sobriety, which confirmed the urgent need him, he either provided always during the past weeks effort fateful in consolidating peace.”
Biden concluded by saying “a dear friend recovery. We need you, your country needs you, you are a wise man.”
A day after one of the “Day of Rage” witnessed the Sunni provinces to protest what they saw as targeted for “their national symbols,” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Saturday, to face sectarian strife new “intended for Iraq to return to it,” and urged politicians to compete but without trying win votes “Mgamsh blood.”
Maliki said in a “founding conference for stream youth Iraq” in Baghdad “to stand together in the face of this sedition, which is intended for Iraq to return to it,” he said, adding “not accustomed to ignite sectarian strife again,” he said.
He said al-Maliki, who has ruled the country since 2006 “انسيتم day we collect the bodies of streets? انسيتم day we collect heads chopped off the streets? انسيتم O sectarian advocates of the two sides on under compulsion to escape?”.
As a student tribal leaders to face sedition “as you face terrorism”, Prime Minister called his political opponents to compete, “but without stirring sectarian strife in order to gain votes here or there Mgamsa innocent blood.”
The statements made by al-Maliki amid accusations leveled his opponents that he is the one who works to drag the country into strife Ahli in order to obtain political gain ahead of provincial elections that will test terrible to the popularity of the prime minister, who was unable to advance development and reconstruction in the country while remaining in office about 7 years .