Iraq does not adopt a clear economic strategy and the government is unable to manage the explosive budget as described

The economist said Mohamed Adham that as a result of the lack of a clear economic strategy adopted by the Iraqi state to build a state of institutions that rise to the building of a strong Iraqi economy, reliance on oil revenues became.

He added in an interview: Can not a country that depends on oil revenues only, Mbanaadm the Iraqi government’s ability to manage so explosive budget as described for the construction of a country where the welfare and stability of the lack of an economic policy based on solid substrates.

He pointed out that the importance and accuracy that must be in our dealings with the reality of changing the pattern of growth and economic activity of the country this side, either the other side is to follow the implementation of the plan by the Ministry of Planning and we know the possibilities possessed by this ministry through the possibilities and efficiencies in human resources, and thus We can follow the levels of implementation of the plan in the overall trends, that was at the level of the public sector or the private sector level and thus able to identify deviations in a timely and correct those deviations even انأتي after two years and say we can not implement or achieve ratios advanced in the implementation of these goals, and this point must be observed that the plans put effort and clear and significant by all concerned, but the issue follow-up and correct tracks found weak in most cases, he continued, that the private sector needs to be a partner in the key decision in the pay of economic activity in the development of the trends sound, meaning must the private sector is privy to all economic decisions and participants where and at the highest levels, and the partnership does not mean only the subject of production and technical aspects or in the market only, the partnership starts from this resolution if we want to turn to a market economy should not be the private sector in isolation from economic decision-making

Thus, this issue I find very necessary in the process of change in the coming years, and noticed in the past years that most economic decisions are decisions stemming from the government, not from the private sector, which means these decisions, and this does not seem wishes and desires of this sector, which is know what you need and know the requirements of its sector and therefore could not have contributed in making genuine and serious decision could lead to spur economic activity.