Economist: to support small projects will move the process of economic development

Date: Thursday, 22/03/2012 13:18

Baghdad (news) .. I suggest an economist Salem Daini give small and medium-sized financial loans easy to activate it, as it is the main supporter of economic stability in the country, adding that it would ensure the economic development process in the event activated. 
said Daini (the Agency news) on Thursday: the federal government to grant projects Small and medium-sized financial loans facilitated by banks, government or private for four years, and the process is similar to the distribution of… agricultural loans to activate it as it is the main source of economic stability in the country. 
He called for: the need to form a government committee follow up and monitor the effectiveness of these loans for projects since the distribution until the production process, for the purpose of obtaining positive results through the revitalization of the market and the provision of labor and the reduction of inflation rates in the country. 
said economist: that in the event of activation of small businesses capable of advancement in the process of economic development in the country and be the main supporter to economic stability. 
statistics indicate that small and medium enterprises account for about (90%) of the total firms in most economies in the world and contributes about (50%) of global GDP, as they provide (40-80%) of the total job opportunities and the potential role to play in development and contribute to in reducing unemployment, so the interest in this type of projects in some countries has reached the limit in which the formation of ministries to support small and medium enterprises, as happened in France and Malaysia, for example. / Finished / 8. d. Q