Newspaper: war game training may lead Washington to war with Iran

22/03/2012 15:29

Beirut, March 22 / March (Rn) – The “New York Times,” the U.S. that the U.S. has conducted war games in the form of a game military mimic war on Iran concluded that Washington was dragged to a military confrontation regional and wide in the case of Israel has launched an attack on the Iranians. Having pointed out the implications of serious for such an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, the newspaper said… the U.S. The United States could be dragged into a regional war and wide.quoted “New York Times,” U.S. officials as saying that the exercises called “view from the inside” and raised concerns among U.S. planners that it is impossible to exclude U.S. involvement in the escalating confrontation with Iran. and I read American newspaper in the results of this virtualization, saying it could reinforce the positions of the White House, Pentagon and intelligence agencies the U.S. that warn all of the serious implications of the strike Israel for the United States. the paper quoted officials, including those who participated in this exercises or were briefed on the details saying that the results of virtualization of war aroused the concern of Gen. James Mattis, who commands U.S. forces in the Middle East, the Gulf and southwest Asia. The newspaper reported that General Mattis said, through the implementation of the exercises at the beginning of March / March to his aides that the first strike by the Israel may carry serious consequences in the region and even for the United States. The newspaper pointed out that the exercises conducted over two weeks showed that the Israeli strike contribute to delay Iran’s nuclear program years back and that the U.S. military strikes to be carried out later in accordance with this war, default does not slow down the program more than two years other. as newspaper explained that these exercises are designed to test the military communications internal and coordination between officials of the “Pentagon” and the headquarters of the military leadership deployed following an Israeli strike against Iran. contributed drills to emphasize the military officials that the nature of the Israeli strike potential can not predict or control as well as Iran’s response is likely. She noted, “The New York Times” that exercises “view from the inside” is one of the most important exercises military command of U.S. Central planning is conducted usually twice a year to assess the response to the headquarters of leadership and officials in the region for various situations in real world. The newspaper reported that this technique previously used to prepare to launch different wars in the Middle East including the war on Iraq in 2003. of: Khalil Khalil. Open: Murtaza Yousuf