The federal system and the dilemma of the Iraqi economy!

Sees specialize in economic affairs that the idea of regions and federations are the perfect solution for the advancement of the Iraqi economy being the movement of the market economy in particular but others point to the lack of control over financial corruption in the event of the application of a federal system to the presence of more than one point controlled the money.

A member of the Parliamentary Commission of Economy Jassim Mohammed Hassan ‘The idea of establishing a federal territories and the establishment of the country’s help in the recovery of the economy and the shift from the central policy management to a decentralized market economy to the private economy.

Hassan said in a statement to the newspaper (term) ‘We need a system that works hard and independence to enable the provinces to work rapidly far from routine the fact that with the present economy suffers from interventions and policy in Iraq dominated the economic decisions.

In the meantime, it was for the specialist economic affairs Dargham Muhammad Ali another opinion says Ali told the same newspaper ‘The subject of federal puts a kind of decentralization to the provinces and possibly makes her independence in work and laws Vtkon Easier, and implement projects faster but contrast the corruption will be difficult control by the central authorities.

Ali said ‘that the provinces at the present time can not work individually because of the electricity grid system and one national, as well as water and sewer projects are interrelated and this prevents the provinces to work without resorting to central.

He ruled out reviving the Iraqi economy in the event of the establishment of federations, indicating that this goal is not economically, but to give more powers to the governors and also for parties and political forces.

Experts say the strained relationship between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government abused significantly to the federal system in the country and made a lot of actors fear of execution , noting that ‘the current crisis between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, said the failure of provincial Iraqi perform work, making political parties and the Iraqi people want to return to the central government of the country.

It is noteworthy that of the leading political parties of Iraq, which announced its opposition to the principle of federalism is the Iraqi Accordance Front, contrary to Islamic Iraqi Council, which is the federal necessity of them on the basis of the establishment of the territory of the south and center like the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, which is currently experiencing situations political, economic and security stable compared in other parts of the country.

The provincial election law and rejected by the Kurds and the entry of Iraqi army forces in Khanaqin, base of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces had sparked a wave of tension between the central government and the Government of the Territory.