Iraqi reveal corruption deal American planes had been contracted in 2008

Iraqi reveal corruption deal American planes had been contracted in 2008


Palm – revealed the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Monday, for a file corruption in a deal U.S. aircraft contracted by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in 2008, indicating that the value of the contract amounted to a billion and a half billion dollars.

The spokesman said the list Haider Mulla said in a press conference held today at the Parliament that there are suspicions of corruption new deal to buy aircraft c-130j U.S., pointing out that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense has contracted in July 2008, with the company Okhat Martin U.S. to buy six a military transport aircraft.

Al Mulla said that both Iraq and the U.S. celebrated in, December 12, 2012, to deliver three aircraft of this transaction and the payment of $ 700 million of the total and a half billion dollars of the value of the deal to the U.S. side noting that Iraqi has to search for the details of this contract after that did not declares the Iraqi side about any details, only to discover that the Iraq contract in July 2008 for the purchase of six aircraft of the type C 130 LG billion and a half billion dollars, 250 million dollars per aircraft.

Al Mulla explained that the contract includes extensions and training courses for staff who uses this aircraft, adding that when we went to inquire of the company surprised that there are countries neighboring Iraq, such as the UAE and Qatar had purchased with the deal and the company itself in the same year worth $ 98 million per aircraft.

He Mullah We contacted the administrator of relations of the company, Peter Simon to inquire about inflating contract Iraq, said that Iraq has held include intensive training courses more of a deal with Qatar, stressing that it will be filing a lawsuit is not inside Iraq but in the United States if it does not show us the reasons for this difference.

Mulla pointed out that this deal is not Komnchat and corruption, but organized crime intended to demolish Iraq and steal his money, pointing out that the former defense minister and adviser to the Office of the Adjutant General Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi who is now in the United States is the impact of the deal.

He said Mullah We await the return of House Speaker from India in order to form an investigative committee of the committees of security and defense, legal and integrity to know what the reasons that pushed Iraq to pay the difference, calling the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to send all contracts to Parliament for consultation.

And asserted that, if proven to have persuaded Parliament that there is no justification to pay Iraq for the money, we will ask to stop the remaining payments to the company because we believe that there is corruption in this decade.

The announcement of the Iraqi List, the existence of suspicions of corruption in a deal to buy U.S. aircraft billion and a half billion dollars, at the time of the investigation go on when there is suspicion of corruption Russian arms deal, which included a charge close to the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to receive commissions from the Russian side to pass the deal.

The latter received a series of reactions, rejecting by the political blocs, notably free of the Sadrist movement, which argued that there “can not be passed unnoticed,” calling al-Maliki to detect those involved and to prevent the suspects from traveling.