Industrial: domestic industry cumbersome and must activate the tariff to activate

Baghdad (news) .. Prime industrial assembly  Shammari, to enact laws supportive of the private industrial sector as a tariff law for the advancement of the domestic industry.

Al-Shammari said (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The tariff will help to display a local competitor’s product foreigner, because imported goods come cheaply and bad qualities.

He added: that the domestic industry is good and the witness was in the seventies and eighties of the last century, the quality and distinctive qualities, stressing the importance of attention to bring it back to normal.

Said: laws must package legislation supportive of the national economy and the industrial sector, as a consumer protection law and the protection of the national product and tariff for the advancement of the domestic industry.

The industrial sector suffers from significant deterioration as a result of the exceptional circumstances that have passed in Iraq Kzerov siege and war, which led to the neglect while some vital economic sectors.

And The Ministry of Finance last July as the date for direct tariff for all goods entering into Iraq to support the production, industry and local agriculture and reduce flood the market with goods lousy, but the federal government decided to wait law tariff for reasons described Balphenah relating to non-qualifying institutions concerned to apply the law