Maliki is ready to discredit everything

The head editor of the long Fakhri Karim, that the statement in his article in an editorial term on Wednesday, which included revealed “the real situation” to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Kirkuk and Mosul, “Sticky and documented,” noting he did not disclose all the facts so far.

He said al-Maliki has Petkveb many agreements held with its partners, so it is ready to refute “everything.” According to the “long” on Saturday.

The Federal Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement Thursday in which he responded to the president of the long article, and accused him of “false income statements and unfounded.”

And said كرييم “Maliki’s office published particular is lying, and Flakes in disbelief .. and al-Maliki seems to be getting back to looming condemnation of all files, without showing his claims.”

In an editorial Wednesday revealed editor-term within the criticism stinging policies Prime Minister Maliki said the president during a meeting in the presence of Fakhri Karim, “The brothers in the region that they do not put Article 140 clause in the agreements, because he is obliged constitutionally, and in spite of everyone to be application, and I will do all that is needed to achieve that in the second term. “

Maliki by opening He argued, “I do not see the restoration of areas withheld from Kurdistan interest to us and imposed on us, but I’ll tell openly and truthfully, that we have to work together to stretch the Kurdistan region to include Nineveh province, because these – and I mean their people Mosul humpback – are the enemies us, and will continue in spite of everything year Qumajah Araban, and a refuge for conspirators sent our judgment. “

The cream “mentioned in my article is installed and documented, and Maliki knows that the President of the Republic will not go on line this controversy, the site of care and national responsibility,” but he also said, “but I am unable to prove a lie claim of the owners and his office.”

The editor-term to a statement from Maliki’s office “was not strange,” he explained, “I was expecting before the publication of my article to make Maliki this denial, it is ready for everything as long as defense to its obligations written and signed with its partners in the political process that brought him to his second” .

Karim stressed that “al-Maliki knows that what I wrote is part of the truth, and did not highlight the other facts.”