Iraq Receives First Boeing 777

Iraq Receives First Boeing 777

Posted 15/12/2012 01:57 PM

Babinaoz – agencies:
Boeing said aircraft manufacturing giant it Iraq on Saturday handed over the first Boeing 200LR-777, one of several planes purchased by Iraq from Boeing. The new plane arrived at the airport in Baghdad on Saturday in an indication that the process of development and ongoing reconstruction in Iraq after decades of suffering from wars and international sanctions.

Boeing says more aircraft bombed Iraq will reach in the future as that Iraq had bought 30 Boeing 737-800 is smaller than the plane that arrived today, and ten aircraft of the new model 787. The plane will arrive first 737 smaller to Iraq by the middle of next year.

The agent says the Transport Ministry, Abdul-Karim al-Nuri in a statement reported for “Twilight News” The arrival of the aircraft is an important step in the direction of building a large fleet can be relied upon to Iraqi Airways owned by the state.

Noteworthy that the efforts of Iraqi Airways to restore its activity have been stalled due to aging aircraft and the long-standing dispute with neighboring Kuwait, which dates back to Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990.