Report of financial control for financial irregularities worth billions of dinars in Maliki’s office

[Where] published a report of financial control for financial irregularities worth billions of dinars in Maliki’s office

Saturday, December 15 1 / December 2012 18:48

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A report of the Court of Audit and legal irregularities and financial in the Office of the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The report which was obtained by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it and sent to the speaker’s office and signed by the Chief of Staff Abdul Basit Turki “he implemented to what came in the article [3] of the Law Office of Financial Supervision No. [6] of 1990 We enclose herewith the report of the fourth quarter from 1/1 to 31/3/2011 and which represents the most important activities of the Bureau during the period in question, including the Prime Minister’s Office. ”

The report noted that “among the observations violation of the laws, rules and regulations as not to pass a law regulating the salaries and allowances of employees of the Office of the Prime Minister, despite the Rudd that Article [19] of the Code of salaries and allowances of civil servants and public sector No. [22] for the year 2008 and the Law on the Federal Budget for two years [2009-2010] and received on 1/6 of the following year to submit a bill to the House of Representatives did not specify the legal consequences as a result of failure to submit this project, has asked the Office of Financial Supervision to prepare the job description of the functions of the office. ”

And about what the expenses prime minister’s office said the “Office continued regardless allocations dangerous and under tables approved by the Office in dollars where conversion of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate thousand and [500] dinars to the dollar based on the exchange rate in 2004 has not been adjusted exchange rate The adult in 2009 thousand and [180] dinars per dollar than the right to the treasury up to [7594] million dinars, which requires an investigation and hold negligent and retrieval disbursements increase. ”

He “was also awarded supplemental appropriations for some members of the special protection of its adherents from the ministries of defense and interior amounts ranging from [175] to [650] thousand dinars per month in addition to the allocation of risk and the amount of [875] thousand dinars and without a legal basis, it despite our request that under our note in 2/8/2010 “.

And went on the report pointed to “grant equivalents monthly cut contractors unpaid advisers who are paid pensions for past services amounts ranging from one million to four million dinars Unlike Code of Federal budget for the year 2009 article [29] identified exchange rewards of one million dinars annually / note It is classified at the expense of consulting, which requires compliance with the law and the recovery of disbursements increase and Tab disbursements by the purpose for which spent for it in addition to the pay of some recruits from the date of direct preceding command appointment has asked the BSA to recover amounts disbursed by appointment and carry commanding drainage responsibility “.

And travel expenses and IFAD report pointed BSA that “document registration No. [654] in 11.03.2009 and private dispatch seven advisers to Jordan and Syria for the period from 29/7 until 08/09/2009 showed Exchange perks Staff Iraqi embassies in Jordan and Syria for a total amount of [2400] dollars in violation of the law and travel allocation IFAD [38] 1980 [Amended], in addition to not having documents the receipt. ”

And building maintenance report pointed to “exchange amount up to one billion and [87] million for building maintenance of the Office [Prime Minister’s Office] note that continued customization billion [65] million dinars where noted Tdzoh implementation of maintenance work carried out by the committees adoption method offers in violation of Article III, paragraph [c] of the Implementing Regulations general budget for the year 2009, “adding,” It has been paying salaries to staff the Social Welfare Department associated with the Office of the Prime Minister, who are [66] employees and classified at the expense of bonuses for non-working without promotion signatures recipients. ”

And investment budget report also pointed to “exploit part of the allocations project [rehabilitation presidential palaces] for the purposes of operational spending in violation of article [7] paragraph [c] of the Implementing Regulations general budget for the year 2009, which stipulates [is not permitted to use the allocations of capital projects for the purposes of operational spending with accounting responsible for overtaking on the approved allocations. ”

The report said among the irregularities of the Office of the Prime Minister in the investment budget exchange [187] million on the rehabilitation of Dar for the Office of the Prime Minister in the International Zone and [49] million dinars establish a bakery in the site protection and services Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Ended.