Delay adoption of the budget (2013) will affect the growth of the national economy

Economist: delay adoption of the budget (2013) will affect the growth of the national economy

Date: 15/12/2012 12:44:36 Saturday

Baghdad (news) .. Expert called economic peace Quraishi, need to speed up the adoption of the budget in (2013) during the current month to begin exchange allocations at the beginning of the fiscal year, saying delay approval will affect the growth of the national economy.
Quraishi said (of the Agency news): The delay in approving the budget will affect negatively on service projects and investment in the country, and confuse the work of the provinces and ministries because they have an action plan annual investment implementation will begin with the beginning of the year. explained: that the projects to implement ministries have slotted Delay exchange financial allocations will delay implementation. added: that the recovery of the national economy depends on stability side the political and security, as well as approving the budget on time and not delayed for any reason whatsoever. has announced the Ministry of Finance said the budget proposed for the year (2013) amounted to (113) billion dollars, and the rate oil (90) dollars per barrel. Council was Minister has sent the budget year to the House of Representatives for the purpose of discussing and voting on them. mentioned that the Iraqi Parliament had voted on the financial budget for the year (2012) of $ (100) billion dollars, equivalent to (117) trillion Iraqi dinars, and a deficit estimated (14) trillion dinars, laid out on the basis of the price of a barrel of oil (85) dollars. / end / 8. n. p /