Member of the Commission on oil and energy: oil and gas law will be approved in the next legislative term

Khandan – announced a member of the Oil and Energy Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the coming days will witness the movements of the committee to reach a draft oil and gas law and approved in the next legislative term, because the end of the current chapter will see preoccupation budget for fiscal “2013.”

A member of the Committee MP for the Supreme Council Furat al-Shara told the “Khandan”: that reached choose the draft law of oil and gas needed to hold a session dedicated to the oil and gas committee to agree on the points of contention, explaining: that after concerns many budget federal witness coming days mobility within the Commission to reach an agreement on the wording of the law, and approval in the next legislative term of the House of Representatives.

And Shara said that the Committee of Five, which was formed from the legislative and executive branches, to reach a selection of one of the drafts of the law, held two meetings, did not announce the end of its work or its mandated.