Iraq realizes great achievement in sustaining rights, freedoms, says Sodani

Baghdad( -The Minister of the  Human Rights, Mohamed Shiya al-Sodani, confirmed thatIraqrealized a great achievement in  sustaining as well as protecting the rights and the freedoms.

A statement by the Ministry received by quoted Sodani as  saying, during his meeting with the Consultant of the Canadian Embassy in  Baghdad, “Iraq has established the a qualified system to ensure the human rights  after toppling the former regime.”

“The Ministry of Human Rights deals objectively with the issue of Human  Rights away from the political affiliations in coordination with the Supreme  Commission of the Human Rights as well as the Parliamentary Committee of Human  Rights,” he mentioned.

“The constitution in the newIraq  involves many laws that emphasize the rights of all Iraqis of various  communities without exceptions,” he remarked.

For her part, the Consultant of the Canadian Embassy inBaghdadassured that she is about preparing for the visit  of the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister toBaghdad  to discuss bilateral relations.