Barzani recruiting former Republican Guard commanders in the ranks of the Peshmerga!!

Barzani recruiting former Republican Guard commanders in the ranks of the Peshmerga

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
Accused the coalition of state law, the presidency of Kurdistan, recruiting senior leaders of the former Republican Guard in the ranks of the Peshmerga.

Coalition stressed that the region comply with the foreign agendas – Turkish, and reflected on his relationship status, noting that the recent escalation of Kurdistan, is an attempt to abort the pursuit of Maliki’s coalition to reduce the proportion of the province of the federal budget to 12 percent.

The MP said Abdul Salam al-Maliki, in a press statement yesterday that “Massoud Barzani is attracting senior army officers and the Republican Guard former leaders of the Corps and teams and Azjhm in training Peshmerga and preparation”, accusing the President of Kurdistan, “to comply with the agendas and wills external – Turkish, and reflected on the relationship Center region through crisis Avcaalh, where countries are trying to impose اراداتها through some members, including political figures, Massoud Barzani. ”

He went on al-Maliki said “the Kurdistan region, provoking crises and Aassadha to benefit from the political crisis in order to pass the budget,” adding that “demanding the prime minister resign for not more than media balloon.”

Maliki said that “the region rose crisis just days before, after we were able to collect signatures 151 deputies to reduce the province in the budget from 17 to 12 percent, and this is the reason for the escalation during the last two days in order to pass the Kurdistan Alliance budget, to keep the proportion of them, and that superiority 350 thousand barrels per day. ”

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