Secret document reveals agreement Turkish – Kurdish – U.S. federal establishment in Syria

The secret document reveals agreement Turkish – Kurdish – U.S. federal establishment in Syria

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – Kurdish website revealed a secret document talks about the Turkish side agreement and U.S. destinations within Kurdistan in Iraq at a meeting recently held in Erbil, to establish military airports west of Kurdistan and to provide military and financial support necessary to establish federalism in Syria.
The website, quoting the news agency palm that he received a document issued by the parties within the territory of Kurdistan talking about an agreement for the establishment of airports military in western Kurdistan and provide support for specific parties in the Kurdish opposition loyal to Turkey in order to strengthen the consent partisan Barzani and Talabani, Turkey, America, on the other hand.

The Web site published a part of the document and revealed that in the meeting of Erbil, which was held on the second of last September it was agreed that the establishment of airports military also pledged Turkey no objection in building federalism in Syria and providing financial and military support necessary to do so or enter battalions of “Peshmerga” in Kurdish areas to protect it until it is finding a replacement of Syria’s Kurds.

During the meeting it was agreed on several other matters, including:

– Turkish side’s willingness to exchange a specific sum of money is from the Turkish treasury of the Kurdish opposition .. In addition to supporting the military, provided they are building a military base and a military airport south city Maaliki .. In addition to another airport in Jenderes of Afrin, and other military base south-west of Ain Arab.

– Maintain the upper body Kurdish Due to enable them to curb and reduce the movements and actions of the so-called people of western Kurdistan Council of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

According to the site was in the audience all of the U.S. ambassador in Jordan (Stuart Jones) and Deputy Foreign Minister Turkish side:

1 – Abdul Baqi Yousef, representative of the Kurdish Union Party in Syria

2 – Abdel Basset Hamo, representative Yekiti Party (PKK) in Syria and currently residing in Germany

3 – Abdul Hakim Bashar, secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria

4 – Nur al-Din Hamid Primo, secretary of the Kurdish party truth in northern Iraq

5 – Salah Badr al-Din, secretary of the Kurdish People’s Union Party in Syria previously, and currently is responsible “complaints Association” of Kurdish culture in northern Iraq.

He did not sound Kurdistan other parts of the document, saying: “Because publishing read (full) is not in favor of Kurdish unity and national security of Kurdistan.”

M. J