‘Need to forget Iraq former regime acts’

PM receives journalist teams

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9, (KUNA): HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah on Sunday received a delegation of Kuwaiti senior journalists, who had earlier visited Iraq, and a group of visiting Iraqi counterparts. The prime minister was briefed on the visit of the Kuwaiti group of local chief editors of printed media – headed by President of Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA) Ahmad Behbehani – and their meetings with top Iraqi officials. On his own upcoming visit to Iraq, he expected it to be marked by “positive and tangible steps” on issues related to the economy as well as closing pending issues between the two countries. “Future generations should not be found guilty for the acts and crimes committed by the brutal former regime, during a period that has passed and one that we wish to leave behind,” he said. He went on to express the new Kuwaiti government’s keenness in cooperating on anything that could allow Iraq to relieve itself off of the UN charter’s article seven according to diplomatic channels and international resolutions set forth by the United Nations, at the same time, expressing his appreciation of the Iraqi government’s efforts in cooperating on the matter. He also stressed the government’s support of the private sector, in any attempts to invest in Iraq and opening up new channels for trade exchange with Iraqi companies for the greater benefit of both nations. Separately, he expressed optimism over the results of the recently-held National Assembly elections, describing the new Parliament set-up as “providing positive signs for cooperation with the government through laws and legislation that benefit the nation and the people.” He said that there were no excuses for any obstacles in the path of the country’s development, expressing hope the Parliament would focus on “accomplishments” rather than “lectures” at Abdallah Al-Salem Hall. He also denied there being any reservations on candidates for his eventual Cabinet formation, while underlining his respect of all opinions.