Kuwait to Iraq: helping the world to help you get out of Chapter VII

Laila Al-Sarraf said Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in a statement that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to support Iraq out of Chapter VII.

He said «that his country is committed bilaterally or through the United Nations mission (UNAMI) continue to search for missing persons and property through bilateral cooperation with Kuwait.

but diplomatic sources high-level responded to the Iraqi position new old saying: «ball in the playground of Iraq, we have stated repeatedly not way for Iraq to get out of the consequences of Chapter VII only through commitment to international resolutions ».

sources confirmed that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon face tough message to Iraqi officials and asked them to need to move the actual folding outstanding issues between the two countries, and that the stalemate situation Iraqi-Kuwaiti but hurt Iraq first and foremost. ,

the sources said Kuwait briefed Ban Ki-moon on the executive steps taken by the Government, particularly the decree should be on the settlement of the dispute between Kuwait Airways and Iraqi forces, and that Kuwait is committed to the farthest limits to help Iraq, but some Iraqi officials break the cycle of speech to the Execution Department to assist the Security Council to help Iraq out of the consequences of Chapter VII.

asked Qabas sources for the most prominent issues that did not move physically Iraq towards her, she said: «All technical arrangements and financial implemented to complete the maintenance of border markers and so far has not been decided this file».

The sources added: As he was handed all the amounts of compensation to Iraqi farmers who claim they were affected by maintenance of border signs, why not resolved and recognizes these amounts in order to embark on the process of maintenance?!

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has confirmed in a statement that Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari met with Ambassadors from the five permanent members and asked them to support Iraq out of Chapter VII to Chapter Six.

The statement said that the minister reviewed the efforts Iraq out of Chapter VII in the areas of disarmament and weapons of mass destruction and the penal system and the siege and oil for food program, stressing that the rest of the international resolutions concerning the situation between Iraq and Kuwait.

minister called the five countries to support Iraq’s request to get out of the provisions of Chapter VII on the termination of the mandate of the Special Coordinator for missing Kuwaiti property and transfer the file from Chapter VII to Chapter VI.

said Zebari said his country «is committed bilaterally or through the United Nations mission ( UNAMI) to continue research and reveal what remains of missing persons and property through bilateral cooperation and the field with Kuwait sister ».

also confirmed Iraq’s desire to fulfill all its international obligations towards the Security Council and his keenness to maintain the national interests of Iraq. situation with Iraq is not resolved bilaterally diplomatic sources that Kuwait cooperate to the fullest extent to help Iraq out of Chapter VII, but they implement international resolutions, and said «our goods belonging to the United Nations, and nothing solves bilaterally in regard to the situation with Iraq.